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I want to use it as master for a diy sequencer I'm working on. But Sample will be slaved to midi clock


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Great! Let me know please

I've read that the Volca Sample doesn't send swing over it's clock sync output. That's understandable since it sends a pulses on 1/8th notes only (factory setting). But I found in the manual you can also set it to output sync pulse on each step (unlike other volcas). It'd be cool if it sent swing when set this way... anybody tried? I couldn't find the answer anywhere and I don't have my volca sample yet.

So all you Sample owners here — I would appreciate your help. Thanks!

It won't be so hard for arduino to double the PO sync signal to match nanoloop's analog slave sync. Definitely much easier then dealing with usb-midi timecode...

edit: but I agree about the half sync.. wish there was an update for my volca to get pulse per step sync


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Have you seen this?


Midi-out moded Volca does send midi clock.
Not sure if it works when slaved to pulse sync but I think it does

I think Kitsch has something very promissing up his sleeve (replacement for the whole DMG LCD / front pcb) which made me postpone all my plans regarding gameboy's LCDs. Hopefully coming soon... just saying.

edit: but you want MGB for it's portability so nevermind

Please give us some teasers! Will there be additional features of the front pcb?
I'm excited about this project for quite some time now. Can't wait


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kitsch wrote:

its not even funny how close they are to being released

I am the zen master.


Nanoloop outputs the same kind of pulse signal as LSDJ in nanoloop sync mode so it should work the same way (but I don't own any nanoloop cart). You could sync LSDJ to nanoloop and lunchbeat at the same time by just spliting the sync signal. Nanoloop sync is 24 ppqn (pulse-per-quater-note) as far as I know so you need to devide  it by 8 to get a pulse on each 1/16 note

Set LSDJ to nanoloop sync and devide the sync output by 8 with 4017 IC.

DeerPresident wrote:

You want CHEAP? You want OG?
Step 1: Go find a boombox with a tape deck, possibly free anywhere in the world.
Step 2: Open it up and desolder the tapehead, and also the headphone jack.
Step 3: Connect the wires that used to be connected to the tapehead to the headphone jack.
Step 4: Close that shit up.

Plug your GB into the headphone jack, crank it up, and busk while some guy breakdances, forever!

or use this if you're lazy ($1 on ebay)


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slightly related: http://comicneue.com/


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Gakken did it again. I just wish there was DIN midi not only usb.

friendofmegaman wrote:

AFAIK the speaker is not dependent on the jack PCB.

Well, it is - in a way. There's a switch in the headphone jack which turns the speaker on and off. But I think it should be always on if you cut all the wires.

Here is the gameboy scheme, the switch is in the bottom right corner (of the first picture).