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i would do this on the iOS app for sure, been using it way too long and have some kind of flowing mixes that would work well.

I ran into the guy who made some pretty cool software which runs natively on the Acorn 3000 and some WonderMedia netbooks [WM8650, WM8850] which is called AMCS "Advanced Music Construction System" http://amcs.3rdevent.net/download.htm

Here are some from the event I went to at the Cambridge Centre for Computing History [ http://imgur.com/a/kZJaq ]

Here is a demo video tutorial on youtube.

I'm always amazed when meeting people who spend their time making such amazing software for music making and I thought people might like to know about it here.

dude this album is sooooooooo gooooooood


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Thanks for all the replies and nice links, been reading more lately

Ok I'm going to add a few videos for the Lazy (like me......)

Nice walkthrough on toploader

Basic example videos after mod

yogi wrote:

l I haven't done this mod BUT...
Here is another site that overcomes the PPU problems somewhat
https://nobitleftbehind.wordpress.com/2 … k-the-nes/
It uses a fixed freq osc but the basic principal  (run the PPU on the stock clock and run the CPU on the alt freq) could be applied to the LTC1799 for on the fly freq shift.
  For the most part, people overclocking want to overcome slowdown in games due to CPU load.
The biggest 'downside' is pitch shifts to the audio, so could consider that a 'feature' for chiptune use. Maybe add an LFO or pedal controlling the LTC for live effects?


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Has anyone done this? what are the benefits?

I have been interested in trying out overclocking and/or underclocking my NES but I can't seem to find much in the forums so I thought I would start a thread for people who are interested or have additional information.

I have been thinking and would like to know the following:

  1. What are the benefits or pitfalls for overclocking or underclocking a NES?

  2. Where are some good places to view tutorials and experiments?

What I am hoping for is a mega-thread with links to good videos or websites with details on overclocking and underclocking a NES, as well as anyone's personal experience and opinions.

I am looking forward to seeing and reading everyone's experiences.

Not really "chippy" but If you like synthesizers, check out FiveG, it is amazing.

someone in the chipscene after a pre-party in Tokyo told me about it. I went there with a friend, It is really great.

I will definately go back there if I get back to Tokyo. Its in Harajuku.

Of course Akihabara is the go to place for technology stuff. You can find places selling new and old stuff 'Junku' laptops, saw an abandoned Commodore 64 in an electronics shop, but it might have not been for sale, you can always try?


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blargh double post.... grrrr edited for fun smile:):):)


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this is sold now, on it's way to france.....


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I forgot to put the price earlier, £20 is fine, I edited the post.
If you have something to trade that's cool too


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I'm selling this audio modded NES with two Mono 1/4" Jacks.
It is passive modded, not amplified.
Model:NESE-001 (GBR)

It works fine and has no power adapter.
I am moving and want to get rid of old stuff so message me soon.

Oops forgot to put price, £20 plus shipping?




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Thanks guys for the support, I had a great time making this album, and the videos from aday and d-strct. I'll be coming out with a big secret release soon mwahahaha.


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i use my MBSID almost everyday, it is a great device. making patches is a pain but it's nice to integrate it with other devices (MIDINES, mGB)

i've always wanted to try it with goattracker, so let us know how it goes!


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oops i accidentally made an album


i just tripped over it and it was there

oh wait no, i spent a lot of time and energy on it actually.

...anyways enjoy!

e.s.c. wrote:

and here's video #2 smile

you beat me to it. the distorted type of style fit well for the music.

it was really fun working with d-strct and aday on these videos

there are going to be a few remixes on the new album too, looking forward to the videos, art and music as a whole. good times.