hahaha, it's LE AWESOME big_smile

The fabulous realtime computer-rendered with GPU cover art of Legacy Trails by 4mat:

Saskrotch wrote:
rez wrote:

please sent any insult about his sexual orientation here

and here i thought we were men of science.

I was joking of course, there was no hidden message behind it smile


The LAMER as already removed everything on Bandcamp: http://duskyflycatcher.bandcamp.com/album/tilde (empty!)

And he also removed his twitter account!

I hope he will remember the lesson of today and will never try again to steal music...

I found (with help) an email to ask for a removal, I will keep informed here if they answers me back...

btw, please sent any insult about his mother and his sexual orientation here: http://twitter.com/duskyflycatcher

well, I'm joking but I'm really furious about that sad

Hello everybody!

Someone just warned me about a MOTHERF*CKER who is currently selling one of my Game Boy music (the only one I did in fact) on his bandcamp page!!!

LAMER bandcamp: http://duskyflycatcher.bandcamp.com/tra … pe-you-are

My song on 8bc: https://8bc.org/music/rez/Subatomic+%28 … r+edit%29/
I put it on iTunes too: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/subato … d329181129

Of course I got the 48KHz/16bits raw wave output from my Game Boy to prove I'm the author of the music, and of course the tracked music on my Nanoloop 1.3 cartridge.

Someone knows a solution to request a removal of this fuck*r's account? Some of you can recognize others stolen music?

I downloaded the app too, it's really pathetic to use other people's work to make money sad

1) musics are used without permission by some little wanabee ripper/lamer who want to be 1337 h4XX0Rz by releasing Justin Bieber mp3
2) ALL credits from the stolen music are REMOVED or (worst case) replaced by those LAMER'S name and/or groupname
3) some poor no-life got all that rotten keygen/infofile and make a site to put all the songs with lamer's groupname as author name
4) an emperor of lame ripped the rippers and used all the stolen data for his shitty iPhone app.

I hope some of you have a contact with people at Apple!

And yes, there's one of my chiptune in the "free" (haha) pack, it's my "little swedish boy" old .xm

rez - little swedish girl (xm)

...I could go on for hours on just a handful of tracks by these artists, but I'll let them speak for themselves. These guys are gods to me, and if any of you are on this forum (hi rez!) thank you for being awesome.


Thank a lot ^_^;

I got a surprise for you! An unreleased (and stil unfinished) version wink


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I don't want to start console war since I like all consoles, but I really  hate to see a nice forum filled with "oneliner" comments without any more explanation sad

Well, but I'm not a bad boy, if wedanced explain me his post I will be the first to shut up big_smile

Btw, musically speaking, I think it's impossible to compare Genesis with Super Famicom since the synthesis method is totally different smile
I like the both of them because people can make nice music with both systems!


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wedanced wrote:

genesis > snes

useless troll sad

a quality of a game console doesn't depend on his hardware but on his game catalogue and I'm sorry for but in ALL domains the SFC/SNES/SNIN is faaaaaaaar better than his sisters from Sega.


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dubmood wrote:

Why does Olympique Marseille kick so much ass? etc



Bordeaux FTW! \:D/


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I bought a kaossilator last week sad

I hand-draw sample under FastTracker 2.

arlen wrote:

All the AHX guys are pretty sweet too!

OMG yes!

Most of the AHX song released are pure chiptune madness!

Especially those made by Pink, the main creator of AHX format:
Pink AHX
but his mod chiptune are awesome too smile

Btw, I did myself a little AHX test song wink


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a video capture of a tiny 20kb cracktro I released in 2005 smile
you can download the executable here and the music xm file here.

Beverage wrote:

I personally have one of these

me too (blue led) smile

But I really want this one:

A Commodore watch!!!
This beauty was made in 1975... like me big_smile