Oh dang, it suddenly is working now! So good. So awesome. It's always good to do a little rant and it magically starts to work after that big_smile

Keep up the good work oliver!

And bring back panning to all channels and nano2 will be perfect. wink

oliver wrote:

OK, let's focus on the Chrome version.

To check if the USB-MIDI works properly, click "MIDI mode" and click on "MIDI" of the mode buttons. It should immediately say "MIDI mode OK". If it just shows "..." below the buttons, something is wrong.

Like this?

I've tried pc updater on win10 and mac updater and chrome on both machines. With 2 (or 3) different cables, been switching them around and trying almost everything. It starts to upload (nintendo logo disappears) but after that i get nothing. Been waiting for a long time. 40min - hour usually.

Cool! If only i could get any of the updaters to work sad


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You should consider the international ebay if you can send the items somewhere else than Germany. One can only make bids on your items if their address is in Germany.

It should be called christthrash and release date should be 25.12.


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Shipping only to Germany?

herr_prof wrote:

yea but you have to power it to get tv out so its a bit of a pain. Gives you svideo too!

Interesting! Not with that price tho. big_smile

Domu wrote:

GP2x cradle: rare as fuck £80; selling it for what i got it for, after years of searching, its finally of no use to me anymore) will part trade for gp2x TV out

Huh, what is this? Has tv-out, no?


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OMG, how to?


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I'm really attached to the "go" part, sorry!


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Oh yeah just checked that, softmodding seems super easy!
Been drooling for one for years and decided that now is the time.


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Looking for modded PSP GO for piggings.

This might be a bit far fetched but, I'm kinda busy nowadays and would not like to hassle with firmwares and stuff, i'd rather make music.

Sooooo, if someone has this, let me know!


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Go here http://www.nanoloop.de/shop/index.html


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KeFF wrote:



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I can't make it this year sad