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oliver wrote:

2.8.1 will come tomorrow, with more 2.7-like sound and unison.

Is it possible to add a filter cutoff modulation option for the R/L channels, as per S? Or, even cooler, an option for pulse width modulation..?

Pressing L in the LFO brings up 2 different looking menus, but they seem to be similar otherwise. Has this been there before?

Navigating on black mode is a little bit difficult now via the now colors..

Hey! I wanna make some logos! I almost have some free time again!
Hit me up if you need one and wanna pay a small fee smile

Also updated some newer stuff to tumblr: https://konttine.tumblr.com/

This is the heart heart heart

That's a bummer with the PO sync. I thought that PO sync itself was quite weak, I read about that somewhere that they would not work as a master to some devices.

The lack of effects and knobs

https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p= … odular-etc

This is quite nice! But also just passive.

Jazzmarazz wrote:

Panning? Sounds like you need two carts. wink

Nope, I don't want to use 2 carts. I want 2 separate channels from one cart. Feature I've been missing a lot since it got away (Was it last seen on 2.6 or something). But that's an off topic discussion.

I'd still like to get panning back on the nl2 tho wink

Anyone still have this samplepack? It was awesome! I wanna make power rangers song for my boy, He is the biggest fan atm.


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Just FYI nl one carts go for 28e in the nl shop. Or is the price higher because of the availability?

Double post, so excited!

Ordered, can't wait now! ARGH!

Oh wow this is coooool

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i like where this is going


dsv101 wrote:

Fell free to hit me up too, I'd love to be a part of this!

We are forwarding this with nitro2k01 now. I don't know if more people are needed on the code side, maybe you can work together?

So, with BennVenn's new VGA out mod to GB's, I think it's finally time to make VJing software for Game Boy!

I have bunch of ideas for designing it and skills to produce needed graphics, I know the ways of pixel and VJing, but I lack the skill of coding.

Would anyone here be interested of starting something like this with me?

I would like to start with something very very simple and build from there, so maybe this won't need very extreme conding skills?!

Hit me up with PM or something!



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I would get one if I can use it to make visuals!