very cool tracklist!


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furrtek wrote:

It has 5 LSDJ-style screens (stolen idea, sorry !) with a sequencer, piano roll, song pattern list, memory manager, and pot configuration screen.
No special visuals, pretty much all text. I'm finishing up the software right now, will post other screenshots in the next days.

Did you say Piano roll? Nice!!! smile

Thanx for your help. Let me try to find an alternative for these images.

Edit: Changed the images. I hope it works now.

New release by R10T33R (NL) on Killbot Records Australia. It is finally here! As some of you probably already read on facebook, there was a wrong test pressing last year which caused a huge delay. But finally Bas Welling (aka Neurobit / R10T33R), with the help of Record Industry managed to do a new remaster and cut at RI in Holland. So here it is! The first boxes of records have been sended out and will hit the distros soon! I'll post an update in this topic where the records will be for sale.

KILL-14 – R10T33R – “Step it Up!” [7 inch vinyl]

Side A:  Step it Up! [4:20]
Side B:  Step it Down. [3:56]

R10T33R = Bas Welling (NL)
Artwork by Yanush Kaczmarek (AU)

Previews: … 33r-side-b

For direct orders Contact: R10T33R @ [email protected] / [email protected]

Price: €4 / $5AUD


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There's also a small programm for nintendo DS. I think it is called DSspeech.

Nice photos!!!

Starpilot wrote:

no shitting you, my first gameboy was found in the forest behind my parent's house. my brother found it and gave it to me. i got my friend in electrical engineering to prosound it for me cuz i'm too shaky to use a soldering iron.

i never had one as a kid.

Now THAT'S a story!

I got mine in 1992 I think. I didn't get one untill prices of the old gameboy dropped haha. I was stuffed in the house somewhere. Untill I read online that people were making music on gameboys. Took me a while to find it back wink

shizcake wrote:

looks like a shitty mario paint ripoff. Nice sounds in it, but only three tempos: turtle, human and rabbit. I used a lawnmower once with the same amount of control smile

This game also came out for the Sega Megadrive/ Genesis. But if I remember correctly it was impossible to save anything?

There's also Dezaemon for the SNES:

Nice Line Up. Wish I could be there!


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Coming very soon!

KILL-14: R10T33R – Step it up! [7 inch vinyl]

It will be releaseed by the Australian label Killbot.

Previews have just been uploaded here:

I'm expecting to have the testpressings in next week!

Thanx everyone, for the comments! I've been offline line a bit, but it's great to read all the comments!

There's a new Neurobit release currently being scheduled. It will be on vinyl again this time. I'm expecting it somewhere in the first half of 2013.

@Battle Lava: Thanx for the spell check. It's fixed now on the Lowtoy website!

New Totschlag 12inch with Dutch Speedcore artists including famous names in the scene like Noisekick and Paranoizer. Includes A Rioteer 8 bit track!

T-Shirt Included as well!!!

Bestellnummer : TOT7

Preis : 15.00 Euro
Format : 12"+T-Shirt
Info : 5 Tracks Speedcore 12" + white T-Shirt with silver print, limited edition - 100 copies only !
Verfügbarkeit : sofort lieferbar

Tracklist :
01) Hellseeker & Doctor Terror - Japanse Noise
02) Noisekick - Het Deed Pijn
03) Hellseeker & Doctor Terror - Terror Terror Un...
04) Paranoizer - Bass Down Low
05) R10T33R - Splitterbits

After the previous release on tape: "Neurobit - War Of The worlds" which was reviewed in the April edition of The WIRE magazine, Bas Welling aka neurobit is coming with a new sound, a live recording this time, available as a free download. While just being released this new composition has been downloaded 2700 times in just a few days already!

So have a listen yourself!

Neurobit - Maison De Verre Sur Le Chantier (ca497) …

Video link:

Also still available:

Neurobit - War Of The Worlds: … se/3363849

Neurobit - Till it all fades away (7inch) … se/2524011

Neurobit - Rhodos spawned it all (8inch record out of plastic bottles) … se/2021836

Neurobit - Sonic Romanticide (Retinascan) … se/1662389

Neurobit - Live @ Kulturpalast Wedding … se/2070633

Full discography here:

Contact: [email protected]


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Still looking for tracks? I would love to contribute!!!

in the pocket!