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I have added to the original description that I could throw in some DMGs and that I am also looking for nanoloop 1.2

check your pm


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Rei Yano wrote:
the mist toggles wrote:

...look above you...

yeah I know I suck tongue

no worries. still going on the "maybe" list?


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Rei Yano wrote:

when is the due date? I think I wanna give it a go.... but time restraints and all....

...look above you...


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I've thought of a deadline and suggest April fool's (a.k.a. April 1st.)
That leaves 2.5 months to go.
Earlier submissions are more than welcome.
Let me know if it sounds too tight or too late.

I've also thought of a title and propose "detune".
Agreements or suggestions are more than welcome.

edit: spelling


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the list is growing!
@low-gain: the deadline will be defined soon and kids toys are more than welcome

...i am curious...


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what type of paint do you chose to use on plastics?


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Strictly for trade:
-Dingoo A320 (black, piggy ready + black and transparent silicone sleeves)
-pixelh8 music tech V2 cart

Would trade them for items in the stream of:
-drone machines
-kaosspad mini (old version)
-other music gear
-vinyl releases (no chip-no problem)

Northern Norway but would ship out to the world

PM or use the forum email button in profile.
Do not comment that you PMed about an email.

-Bung Xchanger + 3x nintendo power cartridges
-DMG with gameboy LFO mod done by NeX. (biverted red backlight, sound mod, buttons, new screen done by me).
-smarboy reader with 2 carts (one unused) ... can flash bleepbloop carts and back up camera too
-nanoloop 1.2 cart
-nanoloop 1.3 cart + arduinoboy
-2x gp2x + cradle
-early gp2x dock/cradle (i guess called programmer at that stage)


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Added this to the original description:

- a description of the hard/software used is needed


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Mano wrote:

we can release this compilation on error code when it's done.
btw put me up on the list as ?

added too

A split CDr release of 2 songs from each.
The music is unconventional and the hard/software more or less familiar to people around here.

More info can be found at www.myspace.com/sarutrasmusic


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@nitro2k01: Shitwave is great! It only needs a way to manipulate it on-board, i.e. pitch, speed, midi, etc.
@others: Nice to see interest in this. I have added a list. Audiomulch is of course welcome.


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goatslacker wrote:

I'm down for reviewing tracks.

nice one!
and a submission?


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stay detuned...

...to be released soon by error code


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Looking great!