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Enjoying mine, especialy the led interface is a minimalist art piece. But i keep thinking that it is in desperate need of an OS update to get up to the functionality of nl 2.x

freezedream wrote:

How is everyone going with their Nanoloop handheld? Has anyone updated the firmware? Is there even a new firmware available yet?

have been looking for a nanoloop 0.8 for quite a while. anyone having one please contact me.
the classic 1.0 is a source of brilliant chaos due to a bug with saving.


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martin_demsky wrote:

I would like to have all important soundchips on one board, along with robust sequencer, something like 2x SID, YM2612, Nintendo S-SMP from SNES, Gameboy, that is enough. AY-3-8912 is probably not necessary because SID can do all that, so i can cover anything i want, this is future for me. And one big controller with a lot of knobs like have look mom no computer to modify all parameters in realtime. Dream off smile

not one board, but are you aware of twisted electrons? therapsid, MEGAfm, AY, etc...quite some is covered already in a useful way

Amazing work on this one. And that bonus track is an album in itself.


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This release is a great example of what music tools based on lofi chips are capable of. Quality is often away from obvious 'chipmusic' clichés. This release, but also "Berlin sea", Gala's previous release, show obvious influences from the berlin sound, but updating it by being refreshing, "intricate and quirky", as irrlichtproject said.
merci Gala.


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Not very chip related, but why not share it here?
Θ (theta) - matter at bandcamp


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pselodux wrote:

Yeah this is really doing it for me, probably the closest anyone in chip has come to Ryoji Ikeda style. Would be great with visuals!

nanovoice very quickly leads to that Ikeda sound.
all you need is EQ...

...and visuals


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Dark_Bit_ wrote:

The sounds are awesome. It's a little too experimental for my taste, but then again, I make Techno Chiptune and that is far from melodic either big_smile. Jokes aside, Real good work on that sound design. I'm still amazrd at how awesome those old school sounds can sound. From absolute haunting to the happiest melodies you ever heard.



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pselodux wrote:


you're one of my favourite chip musicians, grabbing it now, will listen later at work big_smile

thanks! careful how you treat your colleagues after listening to it. i hope you are not a Tank driver for a living smile


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Gala wrote:

Woah, I really like it. There is some serious bass in there. It makes me want to use nanovoice for my next release.
Good job!

thanks. remember ballsy EQ when you do


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egr wrote:

Yes, really glad to see this! tMt rulez 4eva

highly appreciate this, thanks 4likeEva smile


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This release is what makes chipmusic still interesting and challenging for me.

Thank you tMt and Bit Rot.

humbled, thanks


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Go treat yourself to some  extreme frequencies:

___tmt - 16x16x16___

tmt makes experimental sounds in Northern Norway
- nanovoice, ballsy EQ and a breath of reverb

Artwork - A M K A D E
Conduit - Mark Lyken



All Bit Rot releases are free.
If you would like to add this release to your bandcamp collection,
retrieve a DL code from the Bonus folder of this release & redeem at: bitrotlabel.bandcamp.com/yum


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just realised that i forgot to comment here about this.
this is one of the best chip-related releases i have heard so far.
solid work as always.
very good taste in the sound design department.


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really like how organically mechanic this sounds. makes me think of digital dystopias. amazing work.


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what about 24bit-chiptune in the future?