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now this is some proper music up here


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pure rotting gold


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nord micromodular is probably one of the best effects out there.
it doesnt do reverbs and delays (easily), but you get much more than effects with it, including learning how things work.
cheap for what it does, compared to available pre-determined gear and their prices.


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impressive work!!

pselodux wrote:

This thing is fkn awesome


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herr_prof wrote:
the mist toggles wrote:

Chip music drama alert wink

I was genuinely curious because his was the literally the first negative comment I’ve heard. I’m sure he has reasons!

It wasn't an alert towards you, but what i thought would follow. Could be that the alert worked! smile

Digitone seems like an FM dream coming true. Great work from sharp people at Elektron!


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herr_prof wrote:

What do you mean? The Digitakt seems awesome.

Chip music drama alert wink


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this machine sounds very good

very curious about this collab release.
when do you estimate it to happen?


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very good work!
physical/tangible sound

submitted: nanoloop mono synced to nanovoice. raw.

sounds very inspiring. thanks for the motivation!

pselodux wrote:

First post updated. Let's go!!

an easy rule to follow is to keep the recording raw: no effects, no compression, no EQ, no additional gear.


16/44k wav?

+1 interest


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one more jem. nice to see more action peaking!


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this should be like a letter that costs next to nothing to send globally...
ebay was the worst amateur capitalist until facebook came around


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there you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxc68lcwk8rgd … ss.gb?dl=0

HimsyPimsy wrote:

Maybe Boneless by The Mist Toggles?  I used to have the rom but I can't find it any more.  Cant find anywhere to download it either.