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stuff here is looking nice.


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oi, where the NY love....?!


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Beware wrote:

Presuming I make it through PAX alive I'm going to dive right into this as soon as it's over.  I'll just find the cheapest 5" screen I can.  I've even been eyeing some mini keyboards that I could just slot right on without having to solder anything (or just solder it to the board).  One open USB port for recording samples and transferring music.  I'll have to get the whole thing in front of me to figure out if I want a SSD for it.  I don't plan to emulate PSX (poorly), so I basically only need a D-Pad, ABXY, Start, Select, LR.  Alternatively just map Start/Select/LR to the keyboard.  We'll have to see what kind of controller I can destroy.

I'll see you at PAX its been a while man !


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OK GUYS ! I use the pi for viz, havent really for music but I can tell you this... ITS A TUFFY. I push it all the time and its always reliable.I havent used it in a TON of shows but its in my bag everyday, everywhere I go and never has issues. The 3.5inch tft touch screen is nice and I have one and its killer for showing terminal read out. They have some 7 inch displays that are great as well. There is a new sound card that goes on the pi that you should look into as well. http://www.adafruit.com/products/1761 I dont do too much in audio again but I hope I can help you out. I love the pi and would to see more people using it.


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Super pikix pi is a good alternative and cheap to get a pi and set up and all that.

submitted heart


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UnderCoverDisOrder wrote:

Is there a random list around with all the apps for Android you can use?

Pocket VJ is a fun app and the same maker has a video looping tool. Theres also touch OSC to use midi mapping to a device.


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_-_- wrote:

Pure Data (with GEM library, comes with pd-extended) - used by Paris Treantafeles for example.

Used by Paris, Hellocatfood and me now XD

Anywhere you look most of the programs are going to use video clips or something like that. using a webcam and some basic code you can get a cam set up on yourself or your gear to do some cool effects and not need clips.


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Not to bad if you dont know where to start doing visuals. You can do the same thing in PD and more if you learn it wink  might need to rip some of the code outta here XD

ooooo I really wanna check this out heart


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Hey Buddy hit up Jessen from I/O http://www.iochipmusic.com/

AuburnKitsune wrote:

im going to be the 3rd wheel at fridays anamanaguchi show in SD and the only one who will be actually enjoying it.......

and i just found out a friend/coworker of mine that i was going to ask to chill with us has a boyfriend soooooo.....yeah haha

Balls that sucks. Get hammered at the show and meet up with them later. RAWK OUT


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uggggg I really wanna goooooo



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Can we just lock this already and wait till the low tide washes another on of these horses up? My sticks broken and I have an actual job to do.


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Dissonance wrote:

Noobstar I have 18 years of experience within a variety of genres.. your aggressive nature isn't appreciated here..

18 years experience but still looking for the big thing? I guess you can count failure as experience too