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freezedream wrote:

heart sad music...

From the 8bc days: 1999 by ubey

Thanks for the memories man! I lost most of my tracks that were on 8bc, good to hear one again.

lazerscale 2010

this is so killeleleleer

no unce?

quite cohesive - love the typewriter against the muted gat and basses


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little-scale wrote:

Less than 100 days to go.

Also, Trash80 has joined us!

http://lazerscale2010.com/filter.php?ar … le=trash80


x3 speed!

damn it.

lovely vid.  it is so refreshing hearing aussie accents too.

so good!

jaymis mod: All done guys! Thanks for watching
jaymis mod: More soon.
deadlybuju: is there anybody out there?
jaymis mod: All finished and closed down, sorry!
Fanf: damn, i'm late !
Fanf: Damn, I'm late !

goddamnit.        i am drunk and want some live chip damn it. i might regret this..

hahaha. you always crack me up.


god luck. have fun. send me some vege pies

lovely release. been looking forward to it for some time.

good cross section of styles and timbres. three thumbs up.


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anyone find soundcloud uploads kinda limited?

really feeling this track. the second half especially. tis lovely jellica


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will double dip this mofo. signed!


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would love to do this. lazerscale2010 is already using so much of my time.

look forward to seeing what is released!

this track is pretty killer. do you have any more in the works? a new release soon maybe?

really like the direction you are heading with your music. i do not like your hair. there. i said it. grab the mystery