Yay, thanks!
Okay, try the torrent magnent:
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3C14525BA2ECA264E16 … 2fannounce

Hmm, weird, I'll stick it on another site, one sec.

I chipped for a while.
I don't as much now.
I don't know where we like to put stuff, but here it is.
_torrent magnent:_
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3C14525BA2ECA264E16 … 2fannounce
.torrent download:
normal file:
maybe broken:
(http://www.filedropper.com/20130419chip … hisfriends)

If there is anything not free, let me know and, well, it's stuck up there, but let me know (it would be and accident, I removed lsdj already).

edit: trip world, copyrighted, was included, sorry. delete if not owned.


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You also make something in Processing: http://processing.org/

mess with it in what way?

I'm in in the same manner as Saskrotch, should probably make a bunch of things beforehand incase I get a block :p .


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Yes, you run the commands it says in a terminal.


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Try a quiet pulse kick with a somewhat slow pitch down, and layer it with an echoing noise channel kick.

Hi, So I am not sure if I should just start a new thread but I am having problems as well. I ran:

lsdj_tune1.4.exe --et 24 --base A5 440 --rom lsdj.gb --out lsdj_et24.gb

and it spit out a bunch of happy numbers but then it said:

&Config::AUTOLOAD failed on Config::launcher at PERL2EXE_STORAGE/Config.pm line 72

edit: tried with LSDj 4.6.0 and 3.9.9.


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It sound pretty nice, but it surprised me because I though 'chipgaze' would mean chiptune shoegaze (or maybe it does.)

Maybe it is just a problem with equalization. Do you use flat headphones when composing? Are you equalizing to much? (that can make it sound bad (maybe your bass is clipping?)...) Try no eq = )


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By the way, You are supposed to put prices: http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/4040/ … ost-rules/ .  = )

Derp! How's it going?


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Can we sample small bits of the song we are covering? (within lsdj kits)


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Cool! I think the first and fourth are my favourites = )


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Well, your bandcamp name ("QQQ") was nice, even if it didn't sound as 'cool'.
What about "¿QuéQuéQué??", three(ish) question marks still, and starts with the same letter, and means something close to a question mark. Although, If you don't do an exaggerated accent it might sound like something else.