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CS wrote:

omg forgot about that one! lol


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ok, fair doos guys


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hey guys, havnt really posted here before so sorry about that and all.

i stopped producing chip inspired music about a year ago and me and aaron from crunchy co decided that i would release some of my later unreleased works on crunchy co

so here is my eponymous EP

thanks for your time

richard / dexter


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i just disabled it for a while and enabled it and its working but i dont know how long it will last for. the card came pre overclocked. its this one: http://www.bfgtech.com/bfgr98512gtoce.aspx


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After about 10 minutes after turning on my computer, the screen freezes and small graphics glitches appear all over it, though the screen can still be seen behind the glitches. About 5 seconds after this happens, the computer goes into a BSOD which also has small visual glitches on it. My computer reboots about 5 seconds after the BSOD first appears and all of the screens, the motherboard logo screen and stuff all have glitches on and when the computer starts loading windows it goes into a BSOD again. I have to leave the computer for 20 minutes+ before I can turn it on again for 10 minutes. I have currently disabled my graphics card but I am still going through the graphics card output and it is working fine, however I can not play games and the system theme is refusing to be anything apart from Vista Basic. Please help me guys D:

My Computers specs:
Manufacturer: Zoostorm
Model: G31 VP Series M10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
System Type: 32-bit
Graphics card: BFG NVidia GeForce 9800GT

akira^8GB wrote:

You havea computer.
Why would you spend money in gear? After all you are after the aesthetics of chipmusic, not its processes.

dude shut the fuck up.
this guy could be the next fucking goto80 and your already being a dick to him


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henry homesweet


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stupid electro mix and probably more electro testy things

trash80 wrote:
dexter wrote:

Sure, it has potential but it is still a massive disapointment. IMO Apple haven't released a tablet yet, I'm praying this is some kind of test prototype that they released.
Still waiting.

If you bothered watching the silly ass keynote, you would of understood that they did not want to create a laptop without a keybaord, nor did they want to make a netbook, they want to create a whole new market that is a tween of smart phones and laptops. Some sort of "look at the internets, play music and videos, check email" like 90% of all computer users do. Which I guess there is a market for.

As for us who want a small sexy laptop that doesn't cost much and is powerful enough to do music and geek out on, it's not coming from apple, I'd put more faith in a hackentosh netbook. We are a minority I guess.
Fuck if they just released a modern 10" laptop I'd be happy.

Speaking of the iPaid, the GPU alone will probably run circles around a modern netbook. I can't wait to see if some interesting interfaces for music creation develop.

I'd like to see GTA: San Andreas played on one of these  (basicaly the only thing i do on my netbook)

hotmess wrote:
SeanBad wrote:

Run touchosc and you already pretty much have a lemur right? I haven't done alot of research but touchosc looks like it does the job.

This is kind of the point that I am making. With TouchOSC, you have a Lemur-esque app at a very miniscule size, which causes many many many limitations. Great, you have a few sliders and a few knobs at a tiny size. Whoop-de-fuckin-do.

iPad can use something like TouchOSC with the size and expandability of an actual Lemur for a tiny bit of the cost.

Also, anybody ever try the iPhone's pathetic grid controller apps? Thing about that with the size of the iPad. Bam. Touch screen grid controller.

I absolutely LOVE the music apps made for the iPhone. The issue is that I can hardly use them. This thing has huge possibilities for music.

I would honestly not use it for anything else, but with that size and what developers are doing now, I basically have the majority of things I have been saving up for in a nice little package for $500.

How can you guys possibly diss the potential of this?

Sure, it has potential but it is still a massive disapointment. IMO Apple haven't released a tablet yet, I'm praying this is some kind of test prototype that they released.

Still waiting.

monthly allowance and christmas + birthdays plus selling off stuff i don't need

played some kind of horrible collaboration with hurrigame boy at a shitty pub battle of the bands on the 14th November 2008

i would not wear those clothes, dance like i did and be so weird to everyone afterwards as i did.


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Labcoat and mac wrote:

I would of course take any work sent my way into consideration. Otherwise I wouldn't ask...

I said serious consideration, as in "It would be nice to see others work so I could take it into consideration" rather than "It wouldnt hurt"


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epichunt wrote:

oh, some rusko as well
maybe some rusko while youre at it, although i've heard rusko is better due to him doing stuff with rusko - although rusko said he didnt like ruskos stuff
rusko is decent
although if its more hard dubstep, id reccomend rusko

this is like me asking you the best d&b and you answering pendulum


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im down, although it will probably end up being either really experimental or repetetive