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heres what i use... runs on 3 9v.  multi effects / circuit bent


im interested in sending in a dmg to get the filters put in. can you send me an email [email protected]


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lost your number bro, email me or call me asap !! i think i have you and ronit a gig for okc at the paseo underground..
contact my friend john wells 405 924 1494 as soon as you get this, he should have the details... also mention to him id be glad to follow you with a 30 min set


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been considering getting an msx, what trackers work well on it ?

would you ship it to oklahoma ?

email me a video of some stuff youve conjured with it low-gain... im kind of on the fence about getting it and feel like i need my arm propperly twisted.   [email protected]

purge the unused instruments on each track and youll be surprised how much more space you have james


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@trash80 I am up for the challenge !! can you email me at [email protected] smile thankyou !! im considering re-caseing the arduinoboy mini into something bigger so i can add the midi out, but otherwise i like the idea of just switching it to a midi out arduinoboy if that will work smile thanks trash


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[email protected]  ive got a bunch of random cool shit to trade. lets talk

this release is amazing guys. only problem, too short tongue

AWESOME SHOW LAST NIGHT !!  that metal cover you did was sick. but you need to work the replicator into your live set smile


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thanks for the quick response guys smile   this is my first experience using any kind of arduino, so thanks for all the help. after a quick google, the arduinoboy that im using is the arduinoboy mini. My question is, ..do i open up the unit, and inside will be a part on the board that i can usb to my mac? and my second question, since this model only has 1midi port , how will that affect it? I wast sure if you could use the midi port for either in or out , or just in.  or if this model is more for slaving. <thanks for the spoonfeeding>


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@herr_prof and trash80 ,ive been having a bit of trouble getting the midi out to work.. heres where Im at. I have a stock trash80 arduinoboy , the most recent version of lsdj flashed on my cart(I can see the new midi out tab on the songscreen) and an emx1. I have used the arduinoboy backwards and can make my electribe start/stop and tempo sync the gameboy , but i am having trouble wrapping my head around how you guys are flashing the arduino code?   i downloaded the maxpatcher but im getting myself confused over here. any help would be awesome !! thankyou


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the 1up bar and arcade in downtown denver just opened a block from coors stadium.  chiptune lovers dream bar


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event will be streamed live.


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@ herr_prof   ... i thought there already was an acid kit ? but if not maybe the timothy leary kit is in in order