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Bumping this to let you all know that all dropbox links in this topic are all 404. However, I did find another working link for TFM Music Maker 1.52.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/pcx … 2.rar?dl=1
Sadly, the only link for VGM Music Maker I can find is this one.
ftp://ftp.modland.com/pub/software/trac … 20v1.11.7z

Warez Waldo wrote:

I know in the early versions, the sample channels were just dummy channels, but I assume v1.1.1 is the latest now? It says 3.0 has usable sample channels, but only 1.1.1 is available for download. I take it thats not meaning version 1, since you couldn't even save in that version, but in 1.1.1 you can. I am confused on what version is what! heh.

I ment to say version 0.3.0 was the first version with sample support. I'm glad to see that someone looked at my article :-).


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I don't have any flash cart for the 3DS, I'm just wondering if there is a Gameboy emulator for the 3DS that I could put on my SD card, and I could copy some LSDJ ROMs on to it.


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I've been getting very frustrated trying to find an easy way of getting a Gameboy emulator for the 3DS that I can run LSDJ on. I've had it with my GB USB smart card, there's just too many problems to deal with regarding LSDJ save data, and that is the reason why I plan to have LSDJ on my 3DS rather than dealing with a finicky smart card.
So the question is, has anybody tried to get LSDJ running on the Nintendo 3DS? Is it also possible to get LSDJ running on that Nintendo virtual console thing with it's Gameboy emulator that it has?

I've made an article on battle of the bits about Furious Advance Tracker. If you got any time, you can check it out here.
http://battleofthebits.org/lyceum/View/ … e+Tracker/

Hay donotrunwithpixels, did you grab FAT 2.0 in time before moogle charm went down for server maintenance?

I believe FAT 2.0 is still floating around, its available at moogle charm.
Theres also a GitHub for it, but its vary outdated.
If I got time, I will post a song made with it here or on battle of the bits.

Here are some more requests for Deflemask 10.
GBC ROM export with customizable cullers for the text and background.
Transposing and fine tuning buttons.
Atari TIA support.
BPM display.
YAMAHA MA-3 and MA-5 support.
NES ROM export.
NSFE export.
end of list.


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Both entry packs for originals and covers are corrupted.
I tried downloading it numerous times and it refuses to decompress the zip. Hopefully someone can upload fixed versions of these folders some time soon, because this is driving me crazy.
(Update) Great news I got them to unzip!
If you are on Mac OS X, then try using The Unarchiver app. It does an excellent job of unzipping archives in obscure formats.

Delek wrote:

Wow, really nice tune.

You've convinced me:
here is a new pre-release with Sweep functions for the Game Boy:
http://www.delek.com.ar/forum/deflemask … 6/#msg1946

13xy - Set Sweep Time and Shift:
Value x will set the Sweep time, and value y will set the Sweep Shift. Both have a valid range from 0 to 7. A zero value will disable the sweep.
14xx - Set Sweep Direction:
A zero value will make the sweep to go upwards, a non zero value, downwards.

Thanks, but what about 3 individual sliders for these parameters in the instrument editor? that would be much easier for someone like me.
Also, could you fix an annoying bug with the arp Macros? they shouldn't be constantly reseting the hardware envelopes on every frame. Instead you should let the hardware envelopes keep going while the arp macros are playing the arpeggio sequence, thats how LSDJ does it.

Delek wrote:

Believe me, the Hardware Sweep is not doing a different thing than the Arpeggio Macro or pitch slides. Nintendo added it to avoid the need of a advanced playback engine, which is already done in this case. It all can be done in software instead (and is more flexible).

Someone have an example of a powerful Hardware Sweep in the Square 1? Maybe a game?, or a track made in Paragoon 5?

Here's an example i did in LSDJ.
http://chipmusic.org/djmaximum/music/ha … ep-example

Delek wrote:

Seems a little bit useless the HW Sweep of the Square 1. sad
Let's do this: If you show me a Hardware Sweep that could not be done with Arpeggio Macros and Portamento, I will add it somehow. tongue

Check this!, software sweeps with arpeggio macro:

Many tracks made with Paragon 5 and LSDJ use the hardware pitch sweep.
Personally I don't think its that useless, so it should be added. I'd be happy to test it out for you.
BTW that dmf example didn't sound vary good, it sounds kinda crappy.

Delek wrote:
djmaximum wrote:

Also I have discovered that some of the frequencies on the noise channel are missing, It should be all octaves of C D F G#. Once you go up to the highest octave on the noise channel "D 11 F 11 G# 11"  then it starts going up to "C 12 F 12 C 13 C 14 C 15" C 15 being the highest frequency of the noise channel.

You are right, some notes were missing (4 of the highest notes)
However, from where do you get those notes labeling?, maybe LSDJ?, DefleMask's Game Boy Noise channel goes from C#0 to G#5, 68 different frequencies, exactly the range of the Game Boy Noise channel.

Please test it out:
http://www.delek.com.ar/forum/deflemask … 6/#msg1946

Fantastic! Now all we need is the hardware pitch sweep parameters in the instrument editor.

Delek wrote:

djmaximum, please download the pre-release because I updated it with the new NEZPlay core, tell me how it sounds.
http://www.delek.com.ar/forum/deflemask … 6/#msg1946

About the hardware sweeps, there are no differences between Hardware Sweeps and Software Sweeps, right?, there's a good reason to add it? (it only works on Square 1)

sounds more like VBAs sound quality rather than NEZplay, But hey, it sounds much better compared to that terrible sound emulation core in previous versions.
Also I have discovered that some of the frequencies on the noise channel are missing, It should be all octaves of C D F G#. Once you go up to the highest octave on the noise channel "D 11 F 11 G# 11"  then it starts going up to "C 12 F 12 C 13 C 14 C 15" C 15 being the highest frequency of the noise channel.
The pitch sweep is necessary for me because you can make better sounding kick drums with the hardware pitch sweep alone, rather than using software pitch bends to get that typical sound that you here in allot of LSDJ and Paragon 5 tracks. It just doesn't sound as good in my opinion when using software pitch bends.
One more thing before I go, the exported ROMs generated from Deflemask still don't lode in KIGB.

Awesome! I'm glad to here that you got it working in Deflemask! I'm so excited for this release.
Also, what about sliders for the hardware pitch sweep and its hardware length counter?

Delek wrote:

The Game Boy hardware Envelopes are working right isn't it? I've tested on BGB, KiGB, VBA and the .gb/.gbs are lovely.

Now all you need to do is replace that crappy gameboy sound emulation core with NEZplay. It is the most accurate sounding GBS player out there and it is the closest to the real hardware.
It includes its source code too, so maybe it can be done.
http://web.archive.org/web/201403300622 … lug++.html