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Well I'm broke but I bought it anyway because I think this is the best chip album of the last couple of years. Also because of fuckings to social media.


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Pfft, chipmusic was dead 15 years ago.

oh boi oh boi oh boi! teh bestest! maximum excite!


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This thread is so 2021.

What a crazy piece of chipmusic history you dug up there. Thanks!
Pretty solid video editing, too wink


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It's a pity though that the site feels so neglected. Still using Flash players in 2021. Spam stays up for days. Which mods are even still active?

Maybe an option could also be to convert to a more reddit-style single board. With the current post rate it doesn't really make sense to have all these sub-forums, and I believe it's also one of the things that might be putting off potential users who aren't used to traditional forums anymore.


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Yup, still here. I hate all these commercial walled gardens so where else would I go.


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Reporting posts now gives this error:

Email not sent. authentication failure [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 535, response: Signature Version 2 is deprecated for use with SES from March 26, 2021. From that date on, we are progressively rejecting such requests. To resolve the issue, you must migrate to Signature Version 4. If you created your SMTP credentials in the SES Console, please create new credentials and replace the former ones. If you are deriving Signature Version 2 credentials from a IAM user, please start using the Signature Version 4 algorithm: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/ses/latest/ … als.html)]

The offending post: https://chipmusic.org/forums/post/265482/#p265482

Oh hell yeah! That's how I like my space: hypnotic like a pulsar and darker than a black hole. Fantastic release.

Yes, it should work, as long as you use TiLP for data transfer (not TI-Connect!).


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Thanks, very clear. Can you skew/weigh probabilities in FMOD?

Alcibiade wrote:

I wish I had access to a more powerful programming language to refine the lead algorithm.

Bintracker is literally a Scheme interpreter, so you can pretty much do anything with it. It's very much unfinished at the moment, but source is available if you're feeling lucky big_smile


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Yeah, I'm mostly interested in the algorithm behind it. Basically just collecting ideas for this tracker... thing I'm building. You could probably run that kind of algorithm on it, though not in realtime (yet). At the moment support is very low-level, so I'm thinking about possible high-level abstractions.


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That's quite a neat experiment. Any plans for publishing the source code, perhaps?

kamsonowicz wrote:

a) 7 out of 10 tunes I want to cover are demoscene music, which in general is on public domain licence. I don't think I need any additional licences for these.

a) because demoscene is PD,

Quite the opposite, nearly all demoscene output is All Rights Reserved, and in fact many demosceners won't be pleased about having their works exploited like this. You should absolutely talk to the original authors before doing this. I'm sure folks will be open to discussion, though.

Saskrotch wrote:

Honestly I've heard a lot of people are turned away from cm.o by sort of an "old-head gatekeeper" vibe from a lot of members, so I stopped posting to try to help with that.

edit: Also just deleted a four year old post with a homophobic slur and a mod quoting it and saying "careful" instead of deleting it, so I totally get why people don't feel super welcome here

Well, that "old-head" thing has been thrown around since the early days of cmo. I never really got it, thb. Maybe I'm part of the problem? I don't think so. I might be an old-head now, but I certainly wasn't when I joined the forum.

Ironically one thing that I believe enforced that notion was when cmo started to take a tough stance on homophobia and such (which I was super happy about back then and still am). Remember, that was way before CoCs and such became a thing. Using "gay" in a derogatory sense was commonplace back then, especially among younger folks.

Anyway, the ship has definitely sailed, I'm afraid. Forums are simply not a thing that folks in their late teens/early 20s use nowadays. It's just seen as an akward and obsolete form of communication. Basically forums are the new mailing lists yikes Sad, yes, but that's how it goes.

Other than that, well, maybe not using Flash players in 2020 might help.


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Holy crap. This is so incredibly strong. Perhaps the best Pulselooper album to date.