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https://bintracker.org big_smile

Ha, still got this on my hard drive from back in the day. ... meh, I'm a dinosaur.

Perhaps Buzztrax is what you're looking for.

Seems reasonable to me. A PWM file will be at most 1/8th the size of a corresponding 8-bit WAV file, and usually much less.


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otka wrote:

Should i stop doing music?

Oh hell no. Keep 'em coming, these are great. And tell that one guy to shove a surgical-clean shaved hedgehog up his a**
jk, your sound design is pretty solid but I'm sure you'll improve with time. And hedgehogs are rad so don't shave em.


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There are people using Flash in 2019? Do yourselves and everyone else a favor and uninstall that shit right now. Flash is a security nightmare, and by using it you're not just endangering yourself, but also everyone around you.


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Just get in touch with Tronimal, I'm sure he'll have the zip laying around.


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Excellent release. Super chill, yet at the same time intricate and quirky. Love it.

Ha, that's great news. Added a note regarding this to the HT2 manual. Thanks Jeff! smile

Agreed, ORCA is a very cool project.

Hmm, isn't this just a standalone version of Soundbox, with a different (admittedly much better) UI, and Javascript export stripped out for whatever reason? I'd say just use the original and make some music for 4k intros with it.


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Aye fedepede04, that looks very promising! Very good use of vertical space in the pattern editor. And Project Ymer compatibility is great news, too. Does that mean that The Blue Editor will support 300 Hz updates as well?

Also thanks for sharing the news about Turbochip. Didn't know this project before, sounds awesome! With this, Checktrakk, and eventually your new-old editor, I guess I have no choice but to come back to ST music making at some point.


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Glitchy lofi gold. Agree with Fantôme à rayures, .16 is out of this world.


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Waaaaa! No way! TDS represent!
Some great tracks on this one. Especially digging "Places Past" for some reason. The title track is ace as well.
Looking forward to whatever you'll produce in the future.

Also, what's going on? First some random person comes in asking for Falco Lombardi, then a new Fluxxin release, now ASOY. What's next, new silreq?


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Oh hell yeah.


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I felt old when that thing came out. So I guess I'm doing alright nowadays big_smile