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Very cool! Looking forward to the release.


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Thanks for the bump smile  Links in OP were dead so I updated it.

The future is dangerously close to being the present. I look forward to Beats of Rage forming next year.


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On Halloween 2015, Comptroller & Bart Men Of Mega performed a set of Game Boy covers of Misfits songs at ChipFest 13. One year later, they unleash fresh horror with a selection of violent recordings, crude artwork and extremely laboured wordplay.


Comptroller: vocals, LSDJ programming on 1,3,6.
Bart Men Of Mega: bass, LSDJ programming on 2,4,5.
Walter Poppelaars: production, mixing & mastering.

All songs originally by The Misfits. These are just covers for fun.

Thanks for the comments!

Feryl wrote:

It was cool hearing The Whip... sounds like a Monks b-side

Ha ha, at first I thought you meant these monks, who I love. But yeah, thanks smile

I started making chip in October 2006 and now it's October 2016, so here's a collection of unreleased/lost/weird tracks to mark the occasion:

https://comptroller.bandcamp.com/album/ … -1-0-y-r-s
https://comptroller.bandcamp.com/album/ … -1-0-y-r-s
https://comptroller.bandcamp.com/album/ … -1-0-y-r-s

Download for txt file gushing about the chipscene + some secret stuff if you want to dig for it. Thanks.



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This is some cool shit. Finding the dats was fun too.


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Compaq Armada sold. Not much other interest so far - I'll leave this up another couple of days, then to eBay with it.


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Compaq Armada 7800 sold, the rest has gone to eBay. Thanks.

heart this thread! This is a type of sound I have also loved for years and never really been able to put into words, but I totally know what you're getting at: chipmusic, j-pop & anime openings, "happy melancholy", "Japanese melody and chords", yes yes.

A couple of examples I like:

(I actually covered this on my last EP)

And a more recent one, which I can't stop listening to:

I really want to try writing more music like this.


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tearauth wrote:

Thanks for the information, the sid-wizard/kerberos combination looks inviting, but there is the problem of waiting for the software to be built and ready. Is MSSIAH really that complicated? Ive mainly used goattracker so far to practise while waiting for the big payday

MSSIAH isn't that complicated, but it's awkward. For composing, the MSSIAH sequencer is less powerful and more fiddly than just using a tracker. For MIDI input usage, you have to navigate through multiple menus to set it up, and I seem to recall it doesn't handle CCs that well (it's been a while though).


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As long as your arduinoboy does MIDI out, that's all you need to sync LSDJ & MSSIAH. However, I'm not sure MSSIAH is the best option these days, as it's pretty cumbersome to use.

If you're planning on composing on the C64 and syncing externally then you might be better tracking on SID-Wizard (http://csdb.dk/release/?id=131846) and syncing via HerMIDI or Kerberos cartridge (although the sync is still a work in progress - thread here: http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/17070 … -possible/).

If you want to use the C64 as a sound module then you might consider Kerberos with Station64 (http://csdb.dk/release/?id=139930), though I haven't tried it personally. Kerberos even comes with a special MIDI version of Cynthcart pre-installed, which might do the job (http://www.frank-buss.de/kerberos/).


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Thank you Datathrash. Sleep well  heart

This is excellent.


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Thanks for the comments guys smile


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Yes! I saw Duracell play a few years back in Aberdeen. I remember at the end of his set the crowd applauded like he'd just achieved some Herculean feat, or defeated an extremely difficult Boss in real life. That was how it felt, such a physical performance!

Sorry to hear he's stopped making music. That's a real shame.