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Just put out a new album. It's partially comprised of songs that were on various compilations that are no longer available, but you may hears some tunes you haven't heard before.



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I just want a tracker that can sequence a sequencer that can trigger an arpeggiator that can clock a flanger that can sync to a Juno 60.

Feryl wrote:

new normal is great)


That track is tight as hell. (Well, all of them are haha)

This is so good it makes me want to program 1xLSDJ drum and bass tunes and post on cm.org lol

rebb wrote:

What cables are you using? You mean neighboring cables are colliding or your cable physically does not fit?
Had issues with some ebay knock off cables, but they were just too loose. But they are too loose on real Color too.

roboctopus wrote:

Finally getting around to trying mine out and my link cables won't fit on it. Too tight a fit. Does anyone else have this issue?

It's an older aftermarket cable (I think I bought it at Walmart back in the day.) It's transparent pink and yellow and connects to DMG on one end and has connectors for DMG and Color on the other end. The fit is too tight. The synccross won't fit in at all. I guess I need to try another link cable.

This only works with Color link cables, right? The size doesn't look right for DMG.

Finally getting around to trying mine out and my link cables won't fit on it. Too tight a fit. Does anyone else have this issue?


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I have a new release coming out on Cheapbeats this month. There's a preview for it here: https://soundcloud.com/cheapbeatsmusic/ … hart-cb073


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Nevermind, I'm an idiot XD


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This is totally rad!


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Lots of good recommendations in this thread!

I'll add a few:

Monomania (2xLSDJ) https://monomaniachips.bandcamp.com/album/robot-flowers

Bit Shifter (I didn't notice anyone mentioning Bert Shefter) https://bit-shifter.bandcamp.com/album/ … tion-chase

An0va: https://an0va.bandcamp.com/album/ego-depletion


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I always thought Peer's "Dance 3" was sad. It starts with this bittersweet chord progression and a fragile melody, which falls apart and gives way to a suffocating midsection of caustic noise, beeps, and scattershot percussion, which is finally joined by the chords and melody again. The glassy chords and wavering melody underpinned with the manic percussion always struck me.



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toasterpastries wrote:

I know... I've pored over your .sav file for Tidal Bout to try to learn from you big_smile . Love that album.

I'm finding that I'm already deviating from the standard in some ways but it has been helpful in general for keeping things straight.

Thanks! smile

Sorry for being so disorganized haha. I usually start with a chord progression and melody and a general idea of what I want the song to sound like *before* I begin programming, so holding to an organizational structure doesn't usually work for me. I strum my guitar or play piano and hum melodies and imagine how they could be programmed into LSDJ and just start programming from wherever. I don't bother with much set organization because a melody that starts on PU1 might end up on WAV. I go through a *lot* of variations of a song before the final, which results in almost as many phrases/chains getting deleted as end up in the final version. Since I'm constantly experimenting and deleting chains and phrases, I guess trying to organize them makes less sense to me than quickly tapping the button and starting a new random chain.

But you organized folks can keep rocking haha.


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This is sort of interesting to me. I have absolutely no clear organizational rules. I don't name instruments. Literally the only thing that is consistent for me is 7F is my blank chain, four phrases long with a K command in it, and 7E is the same, but two phrases long. Everything else is random.

I can see how organization might help some people, but I personally like starting from scratch every time and just letting the track grow in its own weird way.


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I've been listening to Justice today.

https://www.reddit.com/r/chiptunes/ has over 18,000 subscribers. If you want a ghetto version of 8bc's top tracks, you can just sort top scoring links by the last week (or day, or month, or year). It's still not as vibrant a place as 8bc because people don't comment on tracks as much though.

Most of mine, actually. Jelly was mentioned already, but these come with LSDJ files too:

roboctopus - Tidal Bout
roboctopus - Victory Lapse
roboctopus - The Landscape Has Been Erased