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this is......beautiful ^-^

i ride a fixie cos im so hip tongue but seriously i do


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where can i get a midi interface from for that price?


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thanks everyone for the help im gunna have to win the lottery not so i can afford an interface and ant1 that fx transfer thing seems really handy as i do everything on a netbook i could do with taking the load off the cpu, thanks


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hey could anyone shed some light on a problem im having, me and a friend are working on a project together and we have pretty much everything sorted but we need a way of syncing our 2 laptops together (hes running reason 4 and im running ableton 8 suite), and my question is, is it possible to connect them both using rewire and across a LAN network?
thanks in advance smile

+3 yorkshiremen  big_smile


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mostly me bitching about illnesses, talking bout films, etc and occasional music updates tongue

can we get a donation box going for legal fees to help hot mess regain his name? smile

hey guys im after some help and advice, i cant afford a launchpad for ableton but theres a program for ds that is a monome clone and connects over ds midi wifi i was wondering if anyone could tell me if
1. this idea is possible and how to achieve it.
2. how do i connect  my ds to my laptop so i can use it
ive tryed using the instructions provided on the dsmi website but it wouldnt work, would ayone here be able to shed some light on this problem
thanks in advance 5H1R0


yeah im doing my best but where i live there are no jobs available and i was kinda wondering about this because chip music has producers of loads of different ages so im kinda curious tongue

i was looking at the post your setup thread and wondered how you guys afford your gear because i struggle so much to buy the things i need (batteries for the mini kp my girlfriend bought me) let alone the things i want (a launch pad for ableton) tongue

@Saskrotch im up for that smile

id be very interested in aquiring those samples my friend would you send me a copy of them? this will do nicely for my next planned project smile

and yuh i had that thought at first too tongue


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id much rather the dead dmg go to you to further whatever awesome project you have brewing than sit collecting dust here or be in a land fill lucky i don't throw anything away tongue


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ive got a greyboy that stopped working after i opened it up just drop me an email and [email protected] with details bout where to send it and its yours smile


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site looks beautiful and is so far dramaless this makes me happy smile