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Had a few questions about the Super Gameboy Pro Sound Mod. I know how to do it, but are the benefits the same as doing it on a Gameboy?

~Will hooking up a line to it, say from headphones, cut sound from the system and send them straight to the audio jack when its plugged in?

I busted out my SNES, Super Gameboy and LSDj cart to see how it sounds like UNMODDED. There is hum but not as bad as from the Gameboy.

Would you use this mainly if you were using the SNES/SGB/LSDj all for performances instead of using a Gameboy by itself???


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Dude, post this up on 8bc!


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Hotter than two mice fighting in a wool sock!


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Wondering if there was anyway of Identifying First Batch NanoLoop 2.3 carts vs the rest of the 2.3 production carts.