How's it going everyone.

Long time, no post.

Currently living in Taipei and got a Gamecube with Gameboy Player. I would like to prosound mod it, but haven't been able to find much in terms of resources. Just need to know where to tap into the board for line level audio.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Sent you a PM.


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Quote on two GB Cameras shipped to Taiwan?


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Welcome from Taiwan.

Thanks my, dude


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Not in the market for a PO-20 exactly, but could you direct me to your friend's ebay store?

How's it going everyone?

I'm starting a new podcast called "Between Two Pixels" and in it I will be talking about the back stories of games, their creators and what they had to go through to get their game made.

I would like to commission an artist to do the intro and ending music for the podcast.

I would like for the length of the intro and ending music to be about 30-seconds in length each.

I'm looking for something that sounds pretty and elegant. Leaning more toward Tenmon who composes music for Makoto Shinkai, if that makes any sense.

Shoot me a message and we can discuss the tracks and payment.

Thanks guys!

A member has contacted me and I have enlisted him to help me with this project. Thank you!


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Not exactly a music-related release, but a podcast on the technical side of chiptune.

I finished uploading six older episodes and will start soon on new ones.

Can currently be found on iTunes podcast.


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Nice to see you're back up!

urbster1 wrote:

oh no, are all the photos really down? sad

They work fine for me. You're not able to see them?


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If it's a clear shell, you're better off getting a new one.


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Wet sanding.


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If you are using original hardware, I suggest you either make your own power supply or rig a Commodore 128 power supply with a C64 power plug (DIN plug).

Once the C64 power supply goes bad, it will fry your C64.


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