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Beware wrote:

Is there a reason this is more expensive than buying one brand new from Oliver?  They are still in stock.

Probably because it's only 69 euros before shipping, import fees (if applied), and wait time?

akira^8GB wrote:

Can you do the noise mod to a DMG? If so, where should I solder the 470uF capacitor?
I have a prosound modification on it already.


Siegfried wrote:

What do you mean if you say "REAL"? Thank you for explanation...

The gameboy doesn't have a dedicated, stand alone sound chip. All sounds are generated from the gameboy cpu.

How's it going everyone.

I wanted to know if this is possible.

If I have a save state/save file from NTRQ that's on my Wii from the FCE Ultra emulator, would I be able to transfer the save over to a flash cart like an Everdrive or Powerpak to use on NTRQ on an NES?

I was thinking about going this route or would it be more feasible to use famitracker and play the NSF files via flash cart on the console.


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Noise Reduction Mod for the GBC should help.

My 2 cents.

If money is no option, Drag n Derp.

If you're cool with fiddling around with Windows XP/7 OS or on a virtual machine, EMS carts are a great budget option.

Any flash carts that do come with batteries, I suggest giving it a quick test on the multimeter to see if the battery is still holding a good charge, otherwise, spend the $2 and toss in a fresh coin-battery into it.


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Make sure your Micro USB cable is one that can transfer DATA and is not only just a charging cable.

Factories and companies will make products as long as there are people out there that will buy them.

The only aftermarket front light kit that I heard worked sorta okay was the afterburner kits for the GBA, which I'm assuming you could make fit into a GBC. The afterburner kits have been long out of production though.

The aftermarket kits that are available now only really work decently if you LOCA mod it as well.

If you need a good front light, you'll have to salvage an AGS-001 GBA SP.


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Hopefully your power supply didn't crap your system. They are "suicide" power supplies. They didn't have any built in protection in them for when they go bad.

This is a sick trade.

Did you test the pins of the pot to make sure your wired it to the correct pins? Did you wire the negative or the positive to the pot?


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http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/15512 … phone-mod/

GBC with noise filtering and bass mod.


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