Notable shows: I/O and pulsewave.

I dont know about meetups and stuff, because I am not from NYC, but there are truly TONS of artists in New York.

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Maybe I haven't really dug deep enough (I'm still along the surface), but I can't really find anyone else (beside my close friends) who messes chip within the NYC area.

I've rolled up with my Roland Street Cube to various places such as, public parks, local conventions (i.e. NYCC), but no cigar.

Seriously? Yeah, I'd say you haven't looked hard enough. Nyc has bit shifter, nullsleep, glomag, minusbaby, bubblyfish, exilefaker, l-tron, ricky brugal, etc etc.... dozens of chip musicians in nyc

I think he is trolling. Right? RIGHT?!?


So, I had to reply to this post again, seeing that my original reply is more than 3 years ago big_smile

For me, my "local" chiptune scene is even more better than 3 years ago! I think we really established ourselves as Dutch chiptune crew with the EINDBAAS collective, hosting pretty sweet parties and playing awesome gigs. And the most awesome thing about chiptune is that the scene is pretty global, or maybe glocal, is you ask me! Just this september I saw awesome people at Superbyte in Manchester, EINDBAAS in Utrecht and Square Sounds in Tokyo. I saw cTrix in three different countries, met up with part of the Russian crew in the Netherlands, hosted Danimal Cannon in my house, hung out with the cheapbeats crew, met the square sounds Melbourne crew, had the pleasure to meet up with the crazy young British crew again (the likes of Jewel, 2XAA etc), saw legendary chiptuners such as Chibi-Tech, Je Deviens, Henry Homesweet, did a night of Karaoke with Rymdkraft and Jonas, the Belgium promotor of BitGrid... Man, and next month I am playing a Misfits set with Comptroller and watch NNNNNNN and Toriena tear up Liverpool and London (GROKDAY hosted by Graham). Oh and Gwem is doing an Iron Maiden set and xyce a Backstreet Boys set... big_smile And in december me, Monodeer, xyce, Timbob and Frans Twisk will be doing a show in MOSCOW!!!!

Guys, I love this scene!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

an0va: the nerd table at the high school cafeteria of life.

Because it is true.


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I really love the shirt, but I am too fat to wear white shirts big_smile


I would go for the Weezer cover the world has turned by the mighty Bit Shifter. That song is stuck on repeat in Casa of Mega since that tribute came out. And if that doesn't count I will go for Particle Charge by Bit Shifter. Because Bit Shifter.


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My set up right now:

Kind of a mess actually big_smile

I use the mixer only for gigs, I record everything through my sapphire USB 6 audio interface (behind the black gameboy). However, I am not completely satisfied with the results. I use ableton btw as recording device. Right now I am also recording bass guitar, gameboy and midi keyboard and I find it very frustrating that mixing input (my bass in this case) and playback (for instance a massive synth in ableton) sucks balls. Especially when the distorted bass guitar starts "looping" from input to playback, causing mad feedback. Any tips on what I should do different? A mixer in between the audio interface and the instruments for instance? The keyboard goes directly in the computer and not via the audio interface.

YES! Just bought Computer Savvy for the bonus material. Can't wait to fool around with the LSDJ files from Cluck

Great input guys! This is exactly what I mean! Let's keep the discussion going big_smile


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Ah that YouTube tutorial by Sam looks promising! Gonna check it out when I am home from work.

Let me rephrase myself a little bit:
First of all, I am a complete idiot. And the adventure kid tutorial cuts corners IMHO. At least for me.
I cannot find all software for the little scale tutorial and I get unsatisfying results using ableton

I am making piano kits and know for a fact that they are doable with less noise than my latest efforts.
So I was just wondering how you guys prepare samples, sharing tips and tricks and stuff

Hello there! I find preparing kits for LSDJ a complete incremental process. Probably because I am a sound noob. Now the tutorials that are online (from adventure kid and little-scale) could really need an update I guess.

So, anyone here who is willing to write an up to date sample in LSDJ tutorial? Like, what kind of frame rates do you use, bit rate, etc. I find it kind of surprising how little is out there on this subject. Or am I searching in the wrong places?


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Donated! Can't wait for this tracker to be released

You guys know eindbaas? Well, when eindbaas started no-one knew about eindbaas. When I started making chiptune? Chip music was dead in Holland.
In 2014 not only is the chip scene in the Netherlands thriving with the likes of xyce and monodeer, eindbaas is one of the best known chip shows in the world. Oh, and I played chip tunes all over the world, from Tokyo to NYC, and met almost all chip peeps IRL. And it cost me heaps of money all worth it.
And I almost forget: I also play a lot of shows that have nothing to do with chip music. I could not care less that people come up and ask me what game I am playing, just as long by the end of the night they are dancing their asses off.

Really great! And hell, that mountainman records catalogue is pretty impressive! Bought myself a lot of new vinyl big_smile


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...AND THERE IT IS!!! Our latest release Porter out on cheapbeats! Please give it a listen! heart