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Had a look about. Apparently the cable is just a standard USB to 2.5mm DC setup - which is easy to find for dirt cheap on eBay etc (around £1.29 posted). The problem is that most run at 5v, and the GBC runs at 3v, so the voltage is a bit higher. However, BennVenn's site says:

Note: GBC and MGB originally operate of 3volts though the flyback converter design of the internal power supply will operate up to 5.6volts safely. It will operate at a lower current and run cooler when operating off higher voltages.

I found that JellyBelly Customs has a 3.3v version they got made specially for £5 + £2.50 postage.

I've ended up getting one of the 5v cables and one of the JellyBelly cables and will see if I notice any difference. If I had discovered the 5v cheapo cables before ordering the JB one I'd probably just have chanced my arm with that, given the cheaper price.


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egr wrote:
unexpectedbowtie wrote:

Are the Game Boy Pocket and GBC the same connector etc then?

I hadn't thought about it but evidently they are.

Noice. The 24USD shipping for BennVenn means it's not economical. I'll have a look about!


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Nice one. Are the Game Boy Pocket and GBC the same connector etc then? Didn't realise. That helps. Thanks! Will see if I can find an EU/UK shop.


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Hey frandz. Long time.

I just got a new GBC which has one of those sexy backlit screens in it, to upgrade my old DIY GBA frontlit thing... and I've realised that none of my usual USB to DMG power cables fit... and I can't find a cheap alternative in the EU.

Does anybody have a source they can show me the way to?



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Yeah, sold ages ago. Thanks!


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2019 update...


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Yup. You need to use the Q command to send a note relative to the note you want.


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Have to echo the sentiments above. To me it seems like chiptune is more alive than it's been in years - at least in Europe. There are plenty of relatively new artists who are gigging regularly. No, there may not be any extremely well known names like Anamanaguchi, Unicorn Kid, or even folk like Chipzel etc again, but that's because they were around early on - and that is natural.

I do this a bit. On this album in particular:


and to a lesser extent:


not all tracks on the latter have chip, but it's a mishmash of different things from different artists, so might be worth a listen.

This is superhuman.


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Cow Tongue Taco Records have put out a new release today from donotrunwithpixels:

Here's the blurb:

Putting the chic in anarchic, donotrunwithpixels returns with a double mixtape, one side of four-to-the-floor EDM, and another mashing previous releases with new drum'n'bass grooves. Staying true to his chip-purist ethos the sets feature only the sound of LSDJ on original Nintendo Game Boys. The last two years have seen these sets performed across south Wales and are now available on cassette or via download. Contains twice the adult recommended daily allowance of nihilism. Check with your GP before listening to Super 32 in 1 if you are pregnant or taking other medication.

Side B in particular is a personal favourite.

You can listen/download/buy one of the cassettes from Bandcamp:

https://cowtonguetacorecords.bandcamp.c … er-32-in-1


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This is great. Especially loving lifestyles of the PNW.


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How do YOU set up more than one song when you do live shows?

I have two DMGs, with the same setup on each - so two LSDJ carts, with the same setlist. I queue the next song up on the Game Boy that is currently not playing, and connect the two with a small iRig mixer.

What is the best and smoothest way for song transitions that you personally use?

I used to synch the two Game Boys using a cable, and tempo match the tracks so they could smoothly transition with my mixer, but it was a lot of work and not really worth the effort. Now I just stop the track. Let people cheer/clap/throw shit, then I start the next track. Like a band would.

How important do you think it is with backlight on a DMG?

Vital. Trying to see the screen without a backlight live is a nightmare. You can get those old light magnifier things if you look about, but they're not too practical.

Is it worth finding an adaptor for power while playing live?

I personally do use USB power adaptors from Kitsch Bent live. I don't tend to notice too much extra noise, and I've had issues with AA batteries in the past, getting knocked out of place when I've fallen over or whatever.


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Nice work. I almost didn't listen as I'm not usually wild about covers, but these are great.

This is awesome, thank you. Maybe I'll get around to releasing that HT album I've got half finished at some point...

What emulator are you using to run the TI on your computer?


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Saskrotch wrote:

paste a blank row in the top of the song, add a chain with one phrase with a short sound at the beginning to line up later to PU1, hit start. It'll only play the first channel. move it over to PU2, WAV, NOI etc

Thanks, but synching isn't the issue - like I mentioned above smile