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Our album went up for pre-order today. It's chipmusic that leans more toward pop. All of the drums and most of the programming were done on a DMG-01 running lsdj. Hope you like it!

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/diamo … d950545309


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Hello! We're excited to be releasing our first full length.

Here's the link: https://soundcloud.com/the-fluorescent/ … ass-teaser



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haha incredible. That's one thing I hate about most software... they won't let me build those nasty beats.

"A lot of people out there get suckered by software that claims to help you build up the beats, but instead leaves you cold.

The truth is that most beat-making software is lame.

They won't let you build out the nasty beats you want"

@jefftheworld yep. just like that. thanks!

@NeX  Haha thanks... I feel somewhat foolish... I wasted a lot of time rebuilding functioning units...

The midi keyboard I was using before never really seemed to work right.... But after trying it with ableton it works perfect...


Hi All, well. I feel dumb because this shouldn't be that hard, but I've just hit brick wall and I'm afraid my electronics knowledge is lacking...

I've rebuilt the thing like four times using the schematic from the google code page, and from 2player's page, still the same problem consistantly reoccurs... I don't know what's wrong.

When I provide power to the arduino the leds light up for the startup sequence, and then the mode led blinks twice and then goes off. If I close the mode selector switch, the next mode led blinks twice and then goes off. So no leds are lit except when I first turn it on, or if I change modes, and then it blinks twice.

I've used two different arduino uno boards, multiple gameboys, provided power from the gameboy pin and/or USB, I've meticulously rebuilt the thing in different configurations multiple times, switched out parts... and it always does the same thing...

Anyone experienced this before? Have any ideas? I could probably post pics or a video if that would help?



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Hey all.

We did a live cover of Mumford and Son's 'The Cave', using LSDJ and some Korg stuff.

Check out the video here: http://www.thefluorescent.com


the fluorescent