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I think the A500-era Amigas can only read PC disks through software, at least that's how I remember reading them.  The ST can do it directly though.

Yep, that's corrent


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TDK - nicotine peng

It's Pang, not Peng... Glad you like, thanks for the mention big_smile


Back in Time is back - this time where it originally started 12 years ago in Brighton, UK. On the musical menu will be a whole bunch of well known C64 game tunes performed by more traditional rock band line-ups.

I'll be playing electric violin with SID80's smile

Please help kickstart this event!

https://www.facebook.com/events/3445347 … 122133934/

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  Sadly TDK, I fear that this mess is a money issue. Not knowing the worldwide shipping costs, but guessing at $10 x 50 orders, he's looking at $500. After 2 years (ordered mine Dec 1, 2012) I'm willing to bet that the monies payed are long gone. So even if he has all the parts on hand, if he hasn't tucked away the shipping costs, we are low priority.
  At this point if Littlescale would just come forward I'm sure something could be worked out. For myself, not happy but I understand how things get out of hand and would rather have a working interface then false hope.

It would be interesting if any of his 'customers' were going to Square Sounds then as he is obviously able to use online communication to book himself gigs... Just some communication would be great, as at the moment can simply be classed as fraud.


I've heard a lot of diversity in SID music in the 80's, let alone the 90's. The replay routines were bespoke to each composer. As an example, Galway didn't use drums much at all until he was playing samples sounds. Stylistically the composers, I feel, were very different. Unfortunately some of the composers tended to write the same tune over and over again, but that's the case these days too. You could argue that as time goes one, most styles are invented which people use as inspiration to base their own music on? Back in the early SID days there wasn't really a lot of good electronic based music to listen to. Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Larry Fast, Tomita, Carlos, Vangelis etc.... but even in the 90's you started getting swamped for choice.

I've got a lot of respect for these guys. I tried so hard to write decent C64 music, keeping in mind I was 11-15, but I could not get my head around the limited software available - and ended up using ElectroSound. Jeroen Tell however, a year older than me, was writing superb stuff at the age of 15.

When you open your mind to what trackers can do, you work around the limitations. Most people just write in 4 beats to the bar, but you can swing, do 6/8, whatever you like. You can go completely mad if you like - check out some of Heatbeat's Amiga stuff like https://soundcloud.com/demoscenedelight … cykl0pedia - samples yes, 4 channels yes.

And the SID is one of the most flexible 'chiptune' devices out there, like everything, it's what you do with it.


Has anyone asked for a refund?

'tis a good point.

This is certainly the longest I've ever waited for something I've paid for......

Not heard anything, no.

Blimey - that's very cool!

Awesome - thank you smile

Happy to report this works on Win 7 Pro (32 bit) running on Parallels Desktop on OS Mavericks smile

sad TDK and XYCE finally meet. Happy days.

I'm performing my chiptune violin set under the handle TDK at the Free to Play closing party tomorrow night in Antwerp, Belgium.

Details here :-

https://www.facebook.com/events/1479376 … pe=regular