History of chipmod techniques as I remember them in the '80s-'90s.


Thank you!  This is sooo cool.

very nice, i think 4mat is legend on Amiga chipmusic scene, his Hero's Quest ingame chipmusic was my favourite, but i was always wondering how was made music for games like Uridium 2 by Jason Page in his own player, because it sounds like from real oscillators and not like short one-cycle sampled waveforms.

Thanks.  btw Hero's Quest was by Barry Leitch. smile   I had a request earlier to do a video about the more exotic file formats so I might do that in the future.

Really Bazza? I have from Amiga times one huge mods.zip archive in my phone (i use DroidSound-E, great player also of exotic mods, i also helped developer to fix some "silence" players) and i always thought that mod.ingamehq was your music from Hero's Quest, 32184 bytes, sample names mostly prefixed ST-49:4mat.

Yeah I didn't do any Gremlin stuff.  There are a few mods with 4mat in the samples hence the confusion.

Great video! I'm interested in the future video on exotic file formats, would be a great insight.