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While this looks like a company account (it mostly is), its also maintained by yours truely, and includes more than a few clues to my NES/Famicom Hardware Synth smile

Need to make a real thread when my stuff is ready to show/explain in detail.
In short its a cpu upgrade/mod for the Famicom/NES with multi audio outputs and MIDI input.
(patch compatible with our in dev chipsynth FC VSTi)

Arc-Demon wrote:

The only reason why I'd want to go with hardware sounds is when it comes to expansion audio, and, unless you have something like one of those TNS-HFwhateverthehells, you can only really emulate those chips.

Or you wait for my hardware mod smile


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Dave, please won't you please come here just to know one more time that we all love you so damn much.



JaffaCakeMexica wrote:

76.00 GBP = 102.138 USD

63GBP is the going rate on our store. Are you adding VAT? You can usually deduce it if you have an account.

Back to working hard on the many followups...

str wrote:

david, follow this link please: http://www.strayworx.com/blogspot/plogue_sidtest.wav

color me disapointed neutral

str wrote:

Had to do it again. Next part of the C64 SID Shootout is here, this time with a 8580 and a SwinSID Ultimate prototype. Have fun.

http://kompjut0r.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04 … 80-vs.html

Could you record the new SwinSID running my SID benchmark?
http://ploguechipsounds.blogspot.ca/201 … hmark.html


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v1.012 February 24th 2015    
  Added Lady Parsec HD
  All Basic presets now have "auto vibrato" activated.

Hear "Lady Parsec HD" on Crusher-P's new track OBEY here

I approve of this test smile


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chunter wrote:


In all fairness they are not selling it either. We would.


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v1.009 February 10th 2015      
  Tweaked Lady Parsec's consonants
  Added 'Attack' parameter (CC30)
  Added "save as default" in plugins
  Improved Release time in POLY mode
  Fixed silent playback when restarting in some hosts.
  Fixed parameter automation in a few hosts
  Fixed SP0 Bending's "non looped" allophone-built strings
  Fixed ambience reverb memory use under 192kHz



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herr_prof wrote:

If you want something free try:

I ditched it once chipspeech came out because you basically need a instance for each line you want to speak, but I think it sounds great.

You know I would add this voice if I didn't have a conscience. VST speek uses the SAM code without authorization
Just emailed SoftVoice again...


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metatronaut wrote:

I think plouge made a Vocalizer just recently!

That's 'Plogue' smile

Would need to reverse engineer it at various video sizes and input sample rates. Seriously, chipsounds 2.0 is next

herr_prof wrote:

man chipsound emulations of bad emulator emulations for a future update?

Urgh would need a total rewrite! lol

Sambo wrote:

it does sound beautifully clean compared to the version you find online that is from the game:


Now being new to Gameboy chip music, is the difference in sound here because of Pogues squeaky clean emulation that should disappear with a bit of impulse modelling, or is there some sneaky modulation tricks on the pulse channels to get that "warble" effect?

Hey thanks!

The comparison is sadly flawed since that youtube video is
1)Compressed with youtube compression (particularly bad for sharp edges like pulses)
2)From an emulator which aliases quite a bit!

It is somehow widespread to think of emulators as perfect mediums and any chip plugin as "fake", but in reality its quite the opposite.
Emulator authors often focus on video quality (see all interpolations options in name-your-emu) more than accurate audio.
But It's unfair to assume every emulator programmer has an ear for such things as aliasing pulse waves..

I do not remember what is the best GB emu for sound these days (Mednafen?), I just know many are plain wrong.

Tetris on a DMG01 should sound like:
http://plogue.com/davidv/CS/dmg01_tetris.wav  (my own recording)