I think my girlfriend describes it something like "You remember the old Game Boy? He makes dance music using one of those".


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I've had at least ten people in one Skype call. As long as everyone has a decent enough internet connection it works alright (hell I'm just a slight step above dial up and it works fine for me.

It's also really easy to get Skype. You download the program, and you register a nickname. Takes 10 minutes at most.

I'm not saying "use this instead of vent", I'm just all about options.


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Well I mean, isn't it pretty much exactly the same thing is Skype, except you have to connect to a specific server?


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Couldn't you guys just use Skype? It's worked well enough with me and my friends over the past few years, I have the worlds shittiest internet connection (just a step above dial up) and other than the occasional drops, no problems.

I mean, I've never used vent so I don't get the appeal.


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Man, this site looks really nice. Good job guys.


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I'm the only chip act on this bill, but a good number of these bands are pretty awesome (I Hate You When You're Pregnant being one of my favorite artists pretty much ever, actually). If you're in the Southwest, you should come out. I've been trying my best to bring chip music to Phoenix on a fairly regular basis since October (four shows in four months) since they seem really open to it, there have been talks of eventually trying to do a small chip fest there in the early summer hopefully. Anyway, if you're around, come out!


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Damn for some reason, I'd never thought of that panning trick...probably because I end up using a table for waveforms or something and don't want to mess it up by using automation, but I'll have to try that...

One thing I like to do is have the echo volume be *8 (usually 68 since my leads are usually F4 or F5). It kind of makes the main note and the echo blend together more, I think, which I tend to prefer. Experimentation is key.


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In case you missed it...

1. Game Boy Rock!!
2. Never Give Up*
3. Cosmic Waveform
4. Intergalactic Disco Dance Party
5. 8-Bit Raceway
6. Right Back to You
(* CD Only bonus track)

OSV - "Game Boy Rock!! is a solid showing from a relatively new name on the scene. All 5 tracks deliver, and they’re bound to make you groove on the floor. You’ll find shades of Bit Shifter in some of the compositions, which isn’t exactly the worst inspiration you could have at all."

Page: http://givedaddytheknife.com/HHH/HHH04.html

CD Version (with bonus track): http://kunaki.com/msales.asp?PublisherId=118176 (at the bottom of page)

Free Download (try before you buy): http://www.archive.org/download/Hhh-04W … oyRock.zip