8bitSF & 8bitLA proudly present the first ever FREQ.FEST.SF, a two day chipmusic festival taking place upstairs at the DNA Lounge on Thursday, August 11th and Friday, August 12th! Line up:

casio dad
Curious Quail
Doctor Popular
E.N. Cowell
Extent of the Jam
Here Between You Me
Kevyn Gnartinez Band
Paladin Shield
Slime Girls
Space Town
Together We Are Robots

$15 Advance (per night) / $20 at the door (per night)
All Ages - Doors at 7pm both nights

Facebook event - https://www.facebook.com/events/1701669056765323/
Day 1 Tickets - https://www.dnalounge.com/calendar/2016/08-11d.html
Day 2 Tickets - https://www.dnalounge.com/calendar/2016/08-12d.html

PleaseLoseBattle wrote:

Wizwars is part of KGB ! Mind = blown

Awesome release guys.

Wizwars = Kevin Martinez aka Kevin Gnartinez tongue

It's worth pointing out that the rest of the band are also known members of the chip scene. The bassist is Jesse from 1000 Needles / Paladin Shield, the drummer is Devin from Crashfaster, and the keyboardist is Alex Wimmer aka Mrwimmer

Summer has come a few months early and my band KGB has finally released our debut EP, both digitally and as a limited edition cassette via PLAY IT LOUD! You can check it out here: https://gnartinez.bandcamp.com/album/splash-of-summer

Some of you may or may not recognize a couple of these as older Wizwars songs, I'm super stoked to finally have the definitive versions of these tracks out there for people to enjoy and drink four loko to. Now to write more original material (with vocals) and put out a full length in late 2016!

I'll submit something.

maybe i'll bring wizwars outta retirement for a min for this

I'm glad people are enjoying this, playing with these guys is easily the most fun I've ever had on stage and I can't wait to unleash some awesome studio recordings upon y'all. There's a rough mix of "Splash of Summer" on that bandcamp that we did as well, but an even better version will be surfacing soon enough heart


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(couldn't take a pic of them together because I only had 4 AA batteries and it was a bitch just to find those lol)

I'll even include this pretty long pink link cable if I sell them as a pair.


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Straight up, I'm looking to sell my DMGs. I just don't use them anymore and I don't forsee a time in which I will use them again. They're two completely custom GBs, black cases (from Kitsch Bent I believe), silicon Pink buttons, pink backlights. RCA Prosound Mods. They're fucking beautiful. I'd like to sell them as a pair, and I'm looking for $200 including shipping. Anyone interested?

wait why isn't my remix of Triborough Bridge on this, it rules tongue

First of all, love dat first track!
Second, where did you get these done at? The quality sounds great!

This new album is fucking FANTASTIC.
The first album was good too, but this is on a completely different level.

8BitLA, SoftEgg, & EightyTwo Present
FREE E3 PARTY (no badge required)
Featuring live chiptune music from...

Chibi-Tech (http://chibitech.bandcamp.com/)
Legendary chiptune / videogame composer from Japan performing in Los Angeles for her first time ever!!!

Space Boyfriend (http://spaceboyfriend.bandcamp.com/)

Timon Marmex (http://timon.bandcamp.com/)

Wizwars (http://wizwars.bandcamp.com/)

MEISHI SMILE (http://meishismile.bandcamp.com/)

Space Town Savior (http://spacetownsavior.bandcamp.com/)

and DJ SysOp!!!

Drinks, a fantastic collection of top notch classic arcade and pinball games, and a night of truly incredible chiptune music at the fabulous brand new EightyTwo Barcade in Downtown Los Angeles. This is NOT an event to be missed!!!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/684309498301195/


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Just sayin', Arnie's PU2 kick is a fucking game changer as far as pulse kicks go. Not as hard hitting as a WAV kick but it's still pretty fucking beefy if you'd rather take advantage of the WAV channel for other purposes.

FYI - The LA show is not 21+, it's 18+...but people under 21 have to pay an extra $5


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summer of 2011 in los angeles was the time and place for chipthrash and if you weren't here, you missed it.


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one time at a live show Sgt X shot himself up in the stomach with insulin onstage