Damn, and I'm going to be in Pennsylvania from August 16th for a couple weeks, wish there was a way to amend my plans so that I could swing BRK.


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Merry Christmas Everyone. As my gift to you, ウィズウォーズの伝説 is available for free all day today. Thanks everyone for the support and massive amounts of praise I've received for an album consisting mainly of older tracks that some of you have heard 100 times before. I promise it won't be another seven years before my next full length, and the next one will have all new original material on it. And it's gonna rock. Check it here: https://wizwars.bandcamp.com/


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herr_prof wrote:

A big part of forums being better is how many great conversations from myspace are still on the net? Forums are a great archive of tutorials, show listings, releases, and site news that is a little more robust for the long term than twitter or facebook.

Yeah, and how many great conversations (and yes, they did exist at certain points) from 8bc are still on the net?

This theory only works assuming that CM doesn't "go away" someday.


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I still check in here somewhat regularly when I'm bored but I honestly believe social networking sites have made community based internet forums like this somewhat obsolete. Bigger forums with less focus on community can do just fine, but I've been a member of a lot of smaller internet communities over the past thirteen years or so and they all drastically declined in quality once more and more people started using Facebook. Most of them are still around, but they're a sad empty shell of what they once were and usually filled with trolls who don't belong.

I guess that's why I prefer Facebook. I can keep in touch with people from the community who I've known  for years, and also add new folks who seem alright from various groups I'm part of. But if I don't like someone, I control my experience. I can unfriend or block them. It makes it much more exciting to talk about chiptune when you do not have to constantly deal with troll bullshit or stupid people.

Wizwars' first full length album ウィズウォーズの伝説 is now available for digital download! 13 melodically driven game boy rock anthems spanning from 2009-2013, all remastered, re-recorded, and in some instances re-arranged. The definitive versions of the best tracks that Wizwars has to offer! Find it here: https://wizwars.bandcamp.com/

No drinking at The Smell so I suggest drinking like fuck at the hotel and wandering over. PARTY PARTY PARTY.

Goddamn it, now I don't have a local bro who can fix my Gameboys.

BGB is the shit. I've written most Wizwars songs with it.

The 3rd edition of the Los Angeles based chipmusic festival FREQUENCY has been expanded to three nights at The Smell in Downtown LA, featuring 20 chiptune artists from all over the West Coast, awesome visuals, an hour long open mic the first night, and MORE. Friday, January 17th - Sunday, January 19th, 2014. Martin Luther King Weekend. Save the dates. This is not one you want to miss!

Frequency 3.0 Sampler -Free or Donate to Support LA Chiptune Scene!- http://8bitla.bandcamp.com/album/freque … st-sampler

Friday, January 17th
(starts around 8:15 and wraps up around 8:55. We will have 10 four minute slots, first come first served. Simple set ups with a 1/8th or 1/4" jack that can easily be plugged into our mixer and unplugged with no changeover time ONLY)

1000 Needles (Los Angeles, CA)

Beek (San Diego, CA)

crashfaster (San Francisco, CA)

Cyclops Rock (Los Angeles, CA)

Extent of the Jam (San Francisco, CA)

Virt (Los Angeles, CA)


Saturday, January 18th
boaconstructor (Seattle, WA)

MEISHI SMILE (Los Angeles, CA)

Space Boyfriend (Los Angeles, CA)

The Syntax Sin Tax (Oceanside, CA)

Together We Are Robots (San Francisco, CA)

Tonight We Launch (Portland, OR)

Wizwars (Los Angeles, CA)


Sunday, January 19th
8 Bit Jin (Los Angeles, CA)

Buried For A Day (Phoenix, AZ)

Here Between You Me (Los Angeles, CA)

The Glowing Stars (Oakland, CA)

Mike Bleeds (San Diego, CA)

Slime Girls (San Juan Bautista, CA)

Space Town Savior (San Diego, CA)

DJ Mr. Smith
Visuals by VJ TIM ABAD



I FOUND HIM. It's the Stellan Andersson on Soundcloud. He was surprised anyone remembered him, haha. So I've written him explaining my position and we'll see what happens.

if this thread does anything i hope it at least inspired a couple of people to check out Jellydog's stuff. He didn't release a whole lot of tunes but some of them are fucking great, like this one with Loonie - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQc3Uw7nv-g

I've considered that possibility...at this point if the guy on soundcloud doesn't turn out to be him I'll probably just include the track as free bonus material along with the other covers I'm doing.

He did reply on Facebook, it is not the same guy. It is interesting that there are possibly two Stellan Andersson's in Sweden that make / made chipmusic, but I have no idea how common of a name that is...

I did write to this guy, who specifically says he is not the C64 Stellan Andersson / Dane and also has some very demoscene sounding chippy stuff tucked away in his sounds - https://soundcloud.com/stellan-andersson. We'll see if anything comes from it. Considering that Jellydog only has 30 or so modules floating around and most of them are very short or video game song conversions, not sure how active or known he was in the scene, definitely doesn't have any sort of trail or presence on the net other than at mod archive sites.

Hey so uh, yeah, I don't really know much about copyright. I'm not that smart of a dude. I figured that you had to register a track with a copyright office and pay money, otherwise why do those things exist? Makes little sense to me, but few things in this world do. ANYWAY, look, I'm trying to find the guy because I don't want to use this track without his permission, that's the entire point of my post. I'm still not worried about copyright because I highly, HIGHLY doubt someone is going to take the time and money to retain a lawyer and fucking sue me for expanding a basic musical idea from a .mod written 15 years ago into a full song. But that's not the point; even with this knowledge, I do not feel comfortable using this track without his blessing if it can possibly be obtained. There is very little to go on, I contacted the only Stellan Andersson on Facebook, and while he is a chipmusician (Dane) it's not the same guy. I'm asking people here because I know a lot of you have been around for years, which is why I asked if anyone could help. The lecture on the semantics of copyright are not necessary and once I saw what the posts were about I mostly skipped over them, so you're wasting your time in this thread.

Reposted from Facebook, if ya have any info please help me. Mods if this isn't in the right place please move it, but I know there are people here who've been around a long time...

Okay, bit of a moral dilemma and I'd like some opinions from chipmusic peoples.

In 2009 I did a cover of a .mod file I found by a demoscene artist named Jellydog, called "Someday". I've played this song at a lot of shows and it's one of my favorites. I'd like to include it on "Wizwars No Densetsu", which will hopefully be on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, of course Bandcamp, etc...but the thing is, I can't find much info on this Jellydog guy anywhere. Looking him up on Google, well, a good number of the search results just link back to my goddamn cover of Someday. I did find out his name and that he was Swedish, I wrote to someone on Facebook with the same name and saw that they read my message but never responded. Am I an asshole if I just include the song and give credit? I'm not worried about copyright issues because I doubt anyone bothered to copyright a small looping .mod file, but it's more of a moral issue, I don't want to be one of those people like Crystal Fucking Castles...


I read the info from all of his modules and it seems that all of the tracks released under that name are from '98/'99. No email address, though I doubt it would still be accurate anyway. Real name is supposedly Stellan Andersson, from Sweden, also went by the handles of Kokosboll, Jelly, J.Tql, and was part of the groups Bypass & Tequila (TQL). This is all the info I've been able to find. Can anyone help me?


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I miss the vocals but it is still a fucking solid release!!!