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Damn !


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That's really nice of you SurfaceDragon, but I'm just looking for a boot menu that would allow me to run multiple roms from a single diy gb cart.

Say I wan't to put Pounder + Sludgeon + Shittracker on one of my diy carts. I just need some menu interface that allows me to choose wich one I want to use whenever the GB has been turned on.

Actually SurfaceDragon that would be pretty cool to make a "themed" menu. Say for the example above an "8CYLINDER" themed menu. Maybe some graphix pulled from his website :-D


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Alright bitches I just got me a Willem Eprom Programmer. So I'm looking for some software.

I'm guessing this: http://www.herbertweixelbaum.com/gb_links.html is pretty much all there is ?

Also I have a feeling that I somewhere sometime read that someone wrote a program, that allowed you to multiboot. Anyone know this ?


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Koatl wrote:

Exactly what kind of NES mods are we talking?

-Disabling the lockout chip

-Stereo sound output. Squarewaves in one channel - Triangle, noise and sample channel in the second.

- Power L.E.D. replacement to another colour of your choice.

- I can also modify it to fu*k up the video stream. This would be a banana socket patch bay.

- I can build a LCD on it aswell.


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Bump - Prices

But I'd rather trade.


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Ok I'm sorry. I'll put up some prices later tonight aswell as pictures.


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Ok no problem. I knew the price is a bit in the high end, but everything is  more expensive up here in the cold north. We even pay a whopping 50 % in tax.


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I got a CZ-1000. It's for sale at 280€ + shipping. I'm shipping from Scandinavia.


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Hi ppl.

I've got a bunch of stuff for sale or trade.

Payment only with paypal please. I can put the stuff on ebay for you if needed.

I have:

2x BLUE Gameboy DMG-01 ( yes the rare original blue, not some painted one) 100€ a piece

5x Grey DMG-01 25€ a piece

3x Full NES systems. I can mod these for you if needed. Some games aswell - 55€ a piece

Purple Gameboy Colour w. frontlight w. adjustable brightness. Pocket Music for GBC may be included - 100€

Full N64 System. Bunch of games aswell - ??€

Grey / tribal Gameboy Advance SP AGS-001, without frontlight! Otherwise working fine - 20 €

Grey Gameboy Advance SP AGS-001 - 50 €

Nuby GameLight for DMG's - ??€

Some other light. Basicly like the Nuby GameLight Plus. Greenish colour for DMG's. I also got one for GBC + controller overlay - ??€

Whole bunch of DMG games. Also some for GBA  - ??€

Nintendo DMG "Bags"  - ??€

Nintendo DMG hardcase  - ??€

Q&Q Dracula - Basicly like the Nintendo Game & Watch series - 55€

Epoch Monster Panic - Basicly like the Nintendo Game & Watch series - 55€

Electro Harmonix - Soul Preacher compressor/Sustainer ( Never used still in box) - 70€


Looking for:

White DMG-01

USB Carts


Cynthcart for C64


Casio SK-1 or 5/8/10

Casio MT-40 or 41

Midi to CV/Gate interface.

Maybe you got something else. Just hit me up.
I've got a lot more, this was just ontop of my head. I'll ad to the list later today.

IMPORTANT - I'm shipping from Scandinavia.