I'm using the same cable, but on a Compaq Armada 1700 with Win98 SE and FastLink. I've had no issues. I am also using the same laptop, for transferring images from a GB camera with the Madcatz link cable.  Also DOS and OPL3 stuff. Obsolete FTW :-D



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Feel free to let me know, if you are not interested :-)


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Hey, I'm interested in the Akai S20 if you're up for a trade. I'll PM you a list a little later, when I've rummaged through my stuff :-D

EDIT: PM sent.

Shouldn't this have been in the "Members Only"?

Some crazy performers right there!

Do you have a beta or something? Pretty, pretty please :-D

Any news on HT 2?

See you on Twitch!


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US only.. FML! Well thanks for the pictures atleast.

"Service Temporarily Unavailable" :-(

I'd trade you had you been in EU :-/


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Presuming that all electronics is in the base and you can remove the figurine without destroying the base, would people be interested in actual metal cast Amiibo's? Judging from the pictures of the Amiibo lineup, it would be possible with a fair amount of them. Materials like; Aluminium, brass, copper, silver and gold. The brass, copper and silver could be oxidized with good results if you'd want it.


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Hi I'm looking for the schematic for the MGB-006 and also japanese version. If anyone could help me out, it would be very much appriciated.