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You should upgrade the ram anyways.. IIRC they run 1 GB DDR2 right?


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GREAT thanks for posting big_smile


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When you use the composit out adaptor you must have the ac adaptor.


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So did you find specs?


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So I need someone who has one of those TV converter from Innovation to tell me the specs of the AC adaptor that come's with. I just traded me to one, but original AC adaptor was not there.. Please help.

One of them things:

The glue dosen't look to good either IMO. Yeah just the edges. Also the 5 green LEDs don't lign up. But now I'm just getting mean smile


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I'll PM you later today. Well IMO you should redo the top plate. Looks like you cut it out with hand tools. It would really do something if you could get it completely straight. It is a beast of a mod thou big_smile

Can I make some constructive critisism on the FrankenBoy that might make it look alot better? This is IMO thou, so I don't know :-/ Also would you be interested in DMG mobos with SGB CPU ?

Awesome. I just can't help you guys with any programming :-

Just a quick question; If you succeed, will you share it?

Incoming: 1 x JBL Control 1 Plus monitor. Single item, used unit.


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Do it, DO it, DO IT.....

Just what I need ,but way to complex for me :-/


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I've seen that before. You should make a new one. You are free to use my pic's if you credit me. As you can see it is the same color green as PiL


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Actually I'd say, if you did not now that Nintendo never made official green carts, then you would be fooled. It's that good. I'm glad to finally let you have it kineticturtle. I know it's a better home smile And thanks for helping me further towards my project, you will hopefully see it soon. Alpine if you are interested in some close ups and gut shots of that cart, look no further: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected] … 357487558/