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Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 7 PM – 12:30 AM

Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas Strip is hosting its first "Rock N Cosplay VGM Party"

Join Ghost L.V. - tribute to Ghost, as they headline the very first Fandom “Rock N Cosplay VGM Party” with local surf rock Creepsters - Monster Zero!
The night will feature the very best Las Vegas VGM metal bands, Vetivs, Serious Damage, and chip tune rockers - Decaying Tigers!
DJ Slumberland will kick off the night with a hard hitting performance!
A fun filled night of Cosplay and Gamer themed drink specials, raffles, and our very own Cosplay costume contest - all hosted by Julie Pyle of KTNV!

No Cover Charge
Hourly Prize Raffles - win raffle prizes from ZIA Records, MaximuM Comics, On The Grind!

Cosplay Costume Contest
1st Prize - VIP Table and tickets to Lords of Acid
2nd Prize - VIP Table and tickets to SRH Fest Kotton Mouth Kings, HED P.E.

I play bass in Decaying Tigers. We use LSDJ, live instruments and electronic drums. We have been performing chiptune music in Las Vegas for the last few years and would love to have you join us on this epic night!

Hello. We are Decaying Tigers, a chiptune band from Las Vegas, NV.
The year is 2019 and you may think these are modern times . We are so far from modern that it is the retrofuture. Your monopolized computer and technology corporations have all been demolished and now rely on a small network of hackers.
Our main tool for all life is the Nintendo Gameboy. Manufactured in 1989. Yes, you can probably play Tetris for fun, but it is much more useful to us then just that. By harvesting the small amount of energy from discarded dying batteries, when placed inside the Gameboy, we get our nutrients from a plasma conversion within our helmets directly to our brain.
By using the outdated technology program LSDJ, that taps into the hardware chip, we are able create original 8bit music. This is the only reason from continuing the cyberpunk humanity, whats left of us anyway.



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https://www.facebook.com/decayingtigers … 888396472/


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catskull wrote:

This is Sega Genesis but maybe it counts:

Hell yeah!


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Can anyone point me in the direction of any pystrance chiptune artists? + for LSDJ artists

Damn radness!


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We jam pretty often in Vegas


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Hello community! Hide Your Tigers is pleased to release "Run From Reality"
6 Tracks of LSDJ Dance/EDM/House

Listen here:


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Yo brother We from Vegas! Hide Your Tigers and De La Decay. We gonna be jamming on May 5th at Thunderbird Lounge for First Friday and gonna be jamming at LvL UP, theres a pretty awesome noise scene out here and plenty of opportunity to jam chiptune!


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Nice job!


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Hello everyone!
Exciting new LSDJ release from Hide Your Tigers!
Good times for your ears!



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Wow dude, super inspiration!


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Whats up family! There a show happening this weekend in Long Beach area. Elekid, 5AMSE, 8BIT Jin, and myself, Hide Your Tigers, will be jamming along with some rad hardcore/metal bands. Two pop up arcades will be there for you video game playing pleasures. All Ages, starts at 7pm $10, Free drinks and $1 tacos. Come out and support if you can



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Is the music uploader not working?