Whateverville, California

"What happened?" Mass exodus to other platforms that then collapsed under their own weight. Lots and lots of egos flying around attempting to devour each other. Lots of artists from the 8BC and then CM.O "era" moving on from the scene or quitting music altogether. The scene essentially working overtime to gatekeep the shit out of... itself? Dunno. Some pretty confusing bullshit going on in general. I've posted up on a few discord servers to collect news and see what's good in the scene. We're at an ebb tide my friends. Just gotta wait it out.


I think real-life stuff has been a big factor for a lot of people too, like i've hit some serious chronic pain issues the last 8 years, other people i know have had rough divorces, etc. just the kind of stuff that tends to happen as the scene as a group gets older. honestly, it's surprising there are so many people still active from the early 2000s when all we had was the broken old nanoloop forum, the lsdj mailing list (on yahoo groups, of all things), &
everyone is sort of scattered now, i know i personally have to use 5 different social media apps to keep in touch with even just a relatively small group of people from the scene

Las Vegas

Very active chiptune band here in Vegas @ Decayingtigers. Wish more people were still jamming we would love to have some chip friends come out to play shows here!

not jophish anymore

last i heard everyone was hanging out in the irc, lot of buzz in there these days

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btw, they should make it so you can put html and css as the post instead of BBCode, its a little too limited with BBCode.

some spicy xss.

also hi firebrandboy i loved your songs for cake back in like 2009

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