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GLOOMS wrote:

RCA mods sound like sh!t , get a hi-fi chip and join the rest of us in 2020 GBA bliss.

https://www.retromodding.com/collection … -amplifier

The video linked on the product's page mentions that this doesn't affect the headphone output at all, but I can't seem to find anything else that confirms this?


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this is wild


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did you guys know that this site has a music section? it's really good and i'm listening to some tracks right now.

12ianma wrote:

no no, please do be the one to provide the crutch you say they do not need. Also, I support humans, color shape size or type are not a factor to me. Via context you would have found out that I am not accually is homophobic.

ask anyone who deals with me, I am just a friendly dude who tries his best to give people the best expericne possible when dealing with or buying things off of me. Hell I even fix stuff for cheap or free for people on these forums. Only of course after a rigorous questionnaire about gender, race, and sexual preference.

Support or not, you still shouldn't go around saying words that have the potential to be harmful in a public forum where you cannot be sure whether or not someone will be triggered. Context does not erase the magnitude of a word for some.


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good thread next thread

Both "Always By Your Side" tracks by little-scale are two of my favorite drone tracks straight up.


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This is wonderful.


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loving this right now, grimy shit


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Nearly finished listening to the whole thing. Super beautiful, glad to see so many of my favorite songs of yours in a proper release, and the ones I haven't heard are amazing too.

ColeTrain wrote:

Is anyone that uses this Forum going to the Minneapolis show? I'll be there.

Don't use the forum much any more but I plan on being there!


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Wooooow, loving this immensely.


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Just plain beautiful.


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Also, dot.fortune prank calls.