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I don't have the time to listen to this all the way, but these first two songs are rad as fuck. Immense stuff for just 12 hours of work, and with 4 songs to go still. I like. I will download.


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godinpants wrote:

It would actually be very useful for upscaling small images.
It's more advanced than current algorithms in that it's making important decisions about straight lines, curves, shading differences.

If you want to upsize that 200x200 jpg you have, to say 800x800, it's going to look pretty shit, depending on which algorithm you use, (photoshop has bicubic and nearest neighbour, maybe more?) these are somewhat basic ways of upscaling, by either creating a square or many pixels to represent the one, or by shifting colours of pixels between the two original pixels.
This method seems to have some intelligence in deciding where to put a straight line, where things should be shaded or just a sharp colour change.

To apply it specifically to video game sprites seems ridiculous. Video game sprites aren't downscaled, they're hand drawn specifically to fit the color requirements of the console or computer. If you were to test an algorithm for upscaling, it would make much more sense to actually work with downsized, pixelated photos, where the technology would be practically applied.

boomlinde wrote:

Try reading the "previous work" section. It lists previous research and applications of upscaling and vectorizing algorithms, fields where the work is highly relevant. You should also try reading the conclusions. Please, at least skim over the whole paper before assuming that the research is useless.

True, rather ignorant of me to do so, but in my defense, 3:30 am is not the my optimal time for reading research papers, let alone expressing rational opinions about them. The one useful application I could find was porting video games to other systems, but even that reason still makes little sense to me, as most video games currently utilize 3d graphics. Even when not using 3d graphics, it's probably more consistent to hand draw new sprites instead of relying on an algorithm that will always have some percentage of failure. Brand new art would also gives the creators a chance to renovate the game's design and keep interest in the franchise.

EDIT: Though, yes, it did pop into my mind that an HD cartoon-y remake of Super Mario World and other classics would be pretty neat. I just think developing an algorithm to do all the work seems like the wrong way to go about it.


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Skimming over the intro to their research paper, there doesn't seem to be any reasons stated for why the hell any one would ever need an algorithm that can turn pixel art into, uh, "not pixel art." If any one can come up with some sort of practical reason for this, feel free to type half of it out, realize that it makes no sense, and then hold backspace for a second or two.
EDIT: Okay, maybe I'm overplaying it a little bit, but seriously, there's no point besides "it's possible I guess."


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She fuckin' rocked it! Here's my fan vid/ performance!


http://andrewwinzenburg.bandcamp.com/al … sfatciamcf


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I was a fully grown man when I emerged from Bit Shifter's birth canal.


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Good April Fools joke.
Wait fuck.

Emar! Emar! Emar! Emar! Emar!
Not sure if he's released an album on his own of stuff in this style, so just ignore the other faggot on this release.

He also does some super awesome game boy dance stuff, fast paced, tight as hell.


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wedanced wrote:
Kool Skull wrote:

this is gay. i want an awesome kick in ONE channel that's NOT a sample. why is it that a gameboy is MORE capable than an NES? this must be wrong. and i am confuse on how to get that gabba kick in pulse.. I WANT TO DO THAT BUT ITS NOT WORKING!!! i like fami in theory, but i cant get a good kick yet.. please help sad

i might have to stab you.

yeah, fucking seriously, the correct term is "ghey" get it right


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you being done with music:   :,(

this release:  :,)

Come back real soon, ok??


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i thought people weren't being very helpful, so i made a video!

hope it helps! smile)


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xero wrote:

it needs my body's electricity.


What's probably going on is that you have either a bad switch or your wires aren't connected to your switch well. For some reason, the circuit isn't closing (excuse my wording if that's not right?) when you flip the switch. By touching the contacts, you are closing the circuit by using your body as a conductor. Check your soldering job on the switch contacts and if they seem fine, try a new switch.


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raichu wrote:

... I was hoping to find someone in this cruel world who might care... sad sad sad


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N-Gage 2.


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I read the title of this thread and instantly thought "MIINDDFREAAAAAKKK!!!"

Are your ports open?