cool, man! glad you enjoy!

y0, if any of you live in southern California, be sure to witness Azuria Sky's First Socal Performance!

here's the link to the flyer


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greatings, fellow Chiptunas.

upon my search for LSDJ kits, i saw that there was a lack of quality content, so i took it upon myself to make my own. having done so, i would like to share with you all in hopes that it will inspire some creativity

i have uploaded the demos of the kits in use to bandcamp which comes with the download codes to the kits

hope you enjoy! … -lsdj-kits


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i really made that much from bandcamp, so far the sales off this album is $1,892.05

as far as ratatat, it's just a cover, i am sure they wouldn't mind, and if they did, i'd just make the track free for download.

i just wanted to bump this because my album just made over 17 hundred bucks on bandcamp with in 3 weeks.

it's currently the number 1 selling chiptune, dubstep, breakcore  album on bandcamp, and the number 4th selling electronic album

got featured on kotaku … tune-album

feels good.

also, here is some free download codes to my album.


hope you enjoy!


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i was unaware that Snes soundfonts existed, you still using fm synthasis?


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haha, word.


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because that's what chiptune essentially is, just a bunch of beeps.

Hi, this is my second Chiptune album with in a year, i made this album to fund a trip to portland for Micropalooza, and to play new material

this features my hybrid style of various genres Mostly incorporated into chiptune, Drum 'n' Bass, Outrun/Dubstep, Future Beat, Hardcore, Post rock, and my specialty, Sighcore topped off with a lil cheese.

if you get a chance to check it out, i hope you enjoy, … t-my-beeps


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cool man that's good to hear heart big_smile


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this is a collection of Nintendoish (Chiptune) tracks from about 2007-2011 which i have compiled form this album which showcases my hybrid sound from ambient, Dubstep, Breakcore, IDM and drill and bass in a retro fashion, i hope that you love it and enjoy it for years to come