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Wow, this looks amazing, big like from me.


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Hi Retrowynn, i am trying to contact author of this Bamboo tracker, maybe he can implement importing instruments from this vgm file, so we will see, i am also surprised they mentioned TFM music maker. Cheers!


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Hey Retrowynn, can you help me with something?

i like this game and soundtrack, it can be also played with MAME emulator, and at 21:40 is underwater level where is cool instruments...

here is also soundtrack as vgz files, where is also The Sea track, so i downloaded this file, but vgm2tfi cant extract instruments because it is not Genesis music, rymcast player crashes, but mdplayer can play it, so i am wondering if there is a way to import this file into something, i have also tried to save from vgz file (which is zip compressed vgm file, total commander can go inside that) vgm original, but nothing happened. Also, Genny VSTi claims to import also vgm file, but i dont know how.

It is nothing complicated to recreate these instruments, first is probably first algorithm with operators in serial settings and with some vibrato and feedback, but i like to look at original...


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Here is also one:

BTW, why not to purchase even 2nd hand iPad (for example Air 2 is still powerful for most apps)? Since i have it i never packed my notebook to outside.


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I tried that VOPM, and now i see this VSTi cant import TFI, so according to your screen you have little bit complicated workaround smile. In my case that VOPM dont work, and 64-bit version crashes DAW, but i dont need it. At KVR page of VOPM it is information about Yamaha YM2151 chip emulation, so i dont know it if exactly same as in Sega Genesis' YM2612, probably not, but that other VSTi Genny is very good to my ears when compared to Deflemask.


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Maybe you must install those Microsoft Visual C++ redist packages to Windows, or .NET frameworks, on my notebook it starts without problems, by the way app eat 40 % of CPU, huge!

You want to extract instruments from vgm/vgz file?

Here is tool VGM to TFI, but someone also published large number of extracts with thousands of sounds, which can bo loaded into Deflemask for example.

For images you can use imgur.com as i did.


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https://github.com/kuma4649/MDPlayer/re … 01/bin.zip

Here is executable, i use sometimes rymcast player because i can mute every channel to hear what is going on, but this is better player smile

DipSwitch wrote:

Thank you both for your thought!
Martin, can I ask what you use to program s3m modules?  Your post reminded me of "Rytmik"!  I think my brother has a copy, I'll have to snag it from him.

Gala-- I'd be very curious about a GBA specific tracker.  I didn't know there was a second nanoloop!  The example tracks are bumpin' though!  I'll have to give it a try :~)

I need to read up more on GBA hardware.  I'm having a hard time imagining what a GBA specific tracker would look like.  Research time!

Hello Dip, for s3m modules i used a little bit strange way, because i used MED Soundstudio (former OctaMED from Amiga times) and i converted to s3m these modules in Modplug tracker smile Of course i know Rytmik, because i know man who created it, but i dont use it (i have it on iPad and on New Nintendo 3DS XL), for me it is little big problem with user interface to accept it.

btw someone ripped whole soundtrack from that game, here it is.

But yes, nanoloop cartridge for GBA exists, probably you can find it on ebay for example.

Reaction to another posts: I have nanoloop mono, but afaik it is strongly recommended to use it on original DMG-01.

Here is also some of my sequences created on it, i LOVE nanoloop mono.

Hm, Game boy Advance was my first Nintendo back in 2001, but i was never used it so much, i remember i have had only one game Breath of Fire, which i nearly finished after 10 years haha. When i purchased DMG-01 with LSDJ i plugged that cartridge also to GBA and sound is nearly same as in DMG-01, so nothing extra. AFAIK normally games use something like multichannel mods (just like Amiga, SNES etc, xm, s3m, it...) and there is no interpolation (cubic etc) so samples are pretty raw. Practically we began to develop real time strategy for GBA, so i started composing s3m modules, but was released 5 years later as DSiWare, so i used s3m modules because coder have replayer source code for GBA and no synthesis.

https://gendev.spritesmind.net/forum/vi … php?t=1062

You can try Genny VSTi, it is really nice, i personally dont use it yet, but i like it a lot, UI is also great.

in Deflemask is export to vgm, but i not tried it yet smile

here is my examples:


in commands, i altered Multi and TL in commands

Why do you want it? I have at home for example top notch Kurzweil Forte workstation and Arturia Matrixbrute analog synth, but i bring to work only iPad and i play or modify anything i want on touch screen quickly, so there no need for external keyboard for me. Along on Deflemask i use also Korg Gadget 2, NanoStudio 2 or FL Studio and during recording you can record any knob movements, but in Deflemask you must seek knob movements during playing and enter commands manually which is not that hard.

I use now only Sega Genesis mode, but on iPad is working well, i love it! I spent half hour on pc version and it is same for me

Deflemask on iPad works well with midi keyboard, you just need to plug lighting to usb conversion cable.


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I have Bittboy V2 second month, because some of my DMG-01s died and now i have only one working, and i must say it is not bad emulator (Gameboy core is from Gambatte), even LSDJ is running with good sound quality, but build quality is very bad, especially buttons, and screen is even little bit smaller than original DMG-01 in vertical size. So i thought that i can bring this everwhere because it is a lot smaller, but now it is collecting dust in my workroom. So still, DMG rules.

Here is my small review of that device, if anyone is interested in more deep sound analysis, i can record at 24-bit 96 kHz same things on my Steinberg UR28M usb audio interface.


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I dont use it but here is something at 16:00.