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https://gendev.spritesmind.net/forum/vi … php?t=1062

You can try Genny VSTi, it is really nice, i personally dont use it yet, but i like it a lot, UI is also great.

in Deflemask is export to vgm, but i not tried it yet smile

here is my examples:


in commands, i altered Multi and TL in commands

Why do you want it? I have at home for example top notch Kurzweil Forte workstation and Arturia Matrixbrute analog synth, but i bring to work only iPad and i play or modify anything i want on touch screen quickly, so there no need for external keyboard for me. Along on Deflemask i use also Korg Gadget 2, NanoStudio 2 or FL Studio and during recording you can record any knob movements, but in Deflemask you must seek knob movements during playing and enter commands manually which is not that hard.

I use now only Sega Genesis mode, but on iPad is working well, i love it! I spent half hour on pc version and it is same for me

Deflemask on iPad works well with midi keyboard, you just need to plug lighting to usb conversion cable.


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I have Bittboy V2 second month, because some of my DMG-01s died and now i have only one working, and i must say it is not bad emulator (Gameboy core is from Gambatte), even LSDJ is running with good sound quality, but build quality is very bad, especially buttons, and screen is even little bit smaller than original DMG-01 in vertical size. So i thought that i can bring this everwhere because it is a lot smaller, but now it is collecting dust in my workroom. So still, DMG rules.

Here is my small review of that device, if anyone is interested in more deep sound analysis, i can record at 24-bit 96 kHz same things on my Steinberg UR28M usb audio interface.


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I dont use it but here is something at 16:00.


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Another one, that Sega Genesis mode i really love :-)


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I have latest version, and here is help with changelog in which stays at version 0.4.3 Removed MIDI import, so you can download and try previous version here:

dunno why he removed that feature.


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here is my first track, today finally i have had time to finish it smile


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it is finished, my first Deflemask mobile tune smile


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I am doing some videos now, here is something about defmon part 2 smile and sorry for my lame english


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here is small preview of song i am working on my iPad, i am also learning commands for Sega Genesis so in this tune i am trying to alter multiply/tl values of operators to hear what it does smile


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This cartridge from Inside Gadgets is only 2 MB? It is a lot smaller than 64 MB on EMS, of course LSDJ's size is only 1 MB, but i have at "B" part a lot of temporary tools. Cartridge can live probably 100 years and i can backup mine on W10 x64 with no problem since i installed these unsigned drivers so i don't need newer cart now.


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Yes design is very good, like from bauhaus design movement (braun, apple functional design...) but display is small in todays standards smile and about that pockets using majority of screen for nonworking "game" instead of useful musical data during modulations is huge waste of space, and iirc i have had serious problems playing "black" keys on it smile))

nothing what developed human is underrated, it is upon to you and your creativity what you do with that smile