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It is little bit offtopic, but this Jamatar performance is outstanding! I am now doing some things on Kurzweil Forte in fm synthesis mode, i mapped every parameter to sliders and knobs, power of fm is incredible.



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Hey Bowtie, don't thank to me, i only googled smile BTW that device is interesting because it is small, if catskull develope something like this with SID chip, or with YM2612, i am in!


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YM chip envelope have 5-bit volume, so it is not only 16 levels like in AY, but 32. Register accepts only 4-bit value, but maybe dynamics are that one bit better. Yamaha always make something better smile

I don't know if it is YM panned harder, on AY chip is output for every channel, i use ACB stereo out (a is left, c in both, b is right).


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Wow, this is incredibly good chiptune adaptation of Moonlight Sonata, i know classic piece maybe 30 years during my piano school times, so i can say i remember every note. Beginning is maybe tones that changed my mind forever.


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Probably not, it is 99% same, in Vortex Tracker 2.5 when i change tune from AY to YM, there is not audible change. It is maybe matter of personal preference, if you love more Atari, then buy YM version smile


Edit: here is good article between differences


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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_I … _AY-3-8910

Here you can find differences, i am more familiar with AY because it is in my Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k, YM chip was in Atari. On PC i have AtariST player and Vortex tracker, where you can change between AY/YM modes.


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Chords are simple, you have base (root) tone, C command and two another tones, so C0C is whole octave (C is hexadecimaly 12 tones up), C37 is minor, C47 major chord, etc.


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BPM 255 is pretty incredible tempo, but you can try for example command PD1 on pulse channel's bassdrum, in my case i got some quick weird pitchdown.

Edit: that PDx command in bgb doesn't work as on real Game boy DMG-01.


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Wow, good to know these things, maybe +1 is because we have two sidtab calls at one line, so it takes more time to process. Btw, one thing l liked in sidtracker 64 or sid duzz it is separate speed column, so it is affecting all tracks, in defMON, when you have in every channel different speed (for example first 2, second shuffle speed 5353..., third whatever) then i don't know how it works, it tried it once.


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On C64 is not possible CIA timing like is on Amiga? I remember i was always forced to use vblank in videogames, but afaik cia is more exact to bpm. In lsdj it is possible so it is maybe not big problem smile


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That catskull shop sync device is not expensive and it looks like established and verified product, so why to experiment with homebrew and maybe damage something smile i also see they are selling gameboy midi sync so maybe this can be paired with defMON adapter midi sync.

But now i don't need that, i am happy that TD-3 works, even i don't have DMG/C64 songs that can be synced, every one is different.


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I set TD-3 to midi sync and it works, but Gameboy sync connector i don't know, maybe it could be interesting to sync defMON with lsdj or nanoloop.

Edit: that stereo 3,5 mm jack cable also works, i changed tempo on the fly and bassline is always in perfect sync, amazing smile


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Thanks for tip, by the way, can i use also ordinary stereo 3,5 mm jack cable? I looked in my workroom at cables corner, and i don't have now mono cables, only those "big jack" 6,3 mm to mix. But i will try to use midi din cable first.


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defMON sync adapter arrived, it looks nice smile


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Your music is pretty impressive, maybe it is also produced in professional daw, because it sounds processed thru various fx, only thing you may correct is name of lsdj author on all your albums, it is mispelled (right if Johan Kotlinski).


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Yesterday i recorded that my latest defMON track entitled Morse Code with Behringer TD-3 acid basslines, here it is smile

https://martindemsky.bandcamp.com/track … -feat-td-3