My full intention was to do a chip version of this song, but it just ended up not going that way.

I thought I'd share with you all anyway as I've not contributed anything for a while.


Click for Blog post with Soundcloud Player 

It's downloadable too smile

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Much love heart


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Bite the bullet - buy a MSSIAH \o/


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Just to add my 2p.  Assuming you're happy with the actual mix, you probably need to do some basic mastering.  I'd suggest you start with some EQ to get rid of any harshness. Or even better, a multiband comp.  Then go into a limiter (or even better, just use a multiband limiter)

e.g. Waves C4 into L1

or L3 Multimaximizer)

or iZotope Ozone - dial in one of the presets till it sounds good - tweak as necessary.

I would also suggest TT Dynamic Range Meter to keep an eye on the dynamic range and X-ISM to make sure you don't have any intersample clips (although Ozone is supposed to warn of this)

Make sure you experiement lots and listen to reference material often cool

WOW!  Sounds exciting big_smile  Is a 16 button version on the horizon by any chance?

Any news?  June has been and gone sad

µB wrote:
4mat wrote:


Nice collections there!

Love that pic!!!!!

Oh.....just checked. Rule 12 maybe?  I think that's more about soliciting votes for competitions rather than FB likes for a pretty URL smile 

I'm happy just for people to go have a look and a listen, if you like it, click like. If not, thanks for your time cool

Hey guys and gals!  After months (and months!) of hard work in the studio, we are finally released Joycey's third studio album.  YAY \o/  I might get to see some summer this year!  (double YAY \o/ \o/ )

ANYHOO!!!   I've set up a Facebook fan page for her, but, as some of you may know, you don't get a pretty URL until you have 25 fans.  So if any of you are feeling charitable, please pop over to the Facebook Fan Page and click on the "Like" button.  Pretty please?

It's pop/rock/ballady/electronica. So something for everyone. (I was even allowed to do a remix as a bonus track - WIN!)

If you're intrigue enough to hear some of the album, check out the Soundcloud Player on the Facebook Page.

Thanks everyone!  heart


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Oh yeah, that's cool.  Shame the vox didn't have a bit more welly though.

I just don't know wether to get this...or another SammichSID sad

My SammichSID is lonely and needs company.  cool

The sequencer sounds very similar to the one in my RM1x. cool


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Thanks for the updates!  I'm glad our friends in Japan are (so far) accounted for and OK!

I'm still a little stunned by all this, the TV footage is like something from Hollywood :-o


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Can I have a gram of what you're having?

I'm running the MSSIAH on C64, a Low-Gain LSDJMC^2 plugged into a DMG01 and a MIDIBox Sammich SID.   Based on my experience with those : I think for what you're doing the best option is probably a MIDIBoxSID of some kind smile