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|| Soul Sealed Machines || Now Available for Download!

In the distant future, we must overcome the adversity that faces out biochemical forms and the souls they hold.

https://moriokun.bandcamp.com/album/sou … d-machines

New Single Released TANK POLICE!

When the future is ruled by the machines of a corrupt Private Government, the disenfranchised must resist the Tank Police.

This track is from Moriokun's upcoming album, releasing 8/08/15! Be sure to check out the Tank Police (402 Mixx) bonus on the new Album! Check out the Bandcamp Page linked below!


Played my second live show last weekend at the Melt 3 Year Anniversary show. I posted a recoding of my set on my soundcloud page and it includes a free download. Enjoy!

much love,


"Dream Shredder" is a new song from my upcoming album Abandoned Paradise: https://soundcloud.com/moriokun/dream-shredder

A big thanks to the local Milwaukee electronic scene for being a continued support and inspiration. This song was formerly called Onward Sorrows on my 2-part live album debut Avalible Here.

New single, Enjoy!

Moriokun - Thoughtless (Sometimes)


grrr so tempting. Will you ship to the states?

Moriokun's Debut, Live From Stonefly

(MKE, USA)(May 18th. 2013)
Bandcamp (Free download)

Moriokun heart

Moriokun's Debut, Live From Stonefly [MKE, USA][May 18th. 2013]
http://moriokun.bandcamp.com/album/mori … -18th-2013

Hopefully I'll remember to record my set for those of you who can't make it.

Theta_Frost wrote:

I'd like to go, I think it's 21+ though. hmm

It is 21+ only. Sorry man.

Making my debut appearance at a local show. Hoping all you Milwaukee chipmusic fans can make it.
MELT puts on some pretty killer shows.

Event Page - FB


Saturday, May 18th, 2013 @ 10pm

MELT #26 presented by 91.7 WMSE
ZeroBeat, BTS.WRKNG, Moriokun, The Demix
Saturday, May 18th at 10pm, $6
Stonefly Brewery, 735 E. Center Street.
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Since my Rochester Chip Open Mic set went amazingly. I decided to upload the 'studio ver' to help introduce myself to the world.

SoundCloud Link


nonfinite has a video tutorial but I've too lazy to go google it for ya

Alright!  Cause it Valentine's day and I love all my fans, yes all two of you, I'm emailing out preview tracks tonight. Message me your email if you want one!


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Ableton man. Like what the. I just can't.