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Japanese Koto. If I could just give up working, and dedicate my life to learning it and becoming some kind of scholar of koto music I think I would.

TonicTheSeshHog wrote:

i see what you mean but a pattern is a great way to write chip music, the "pizza" is a new thing so there's some fine tuning for tones and some other idiosyncracies though, we/i need to work this out (probably just scribble some notation on the sides?). Anyway the genesis had some great chips and you could make patterns for it , depends if you want to be exclusive of  some of the best music ever made i guess. You might be missing out though !

Roboctopus sampled guitar chords in a kit on his track "The Walls Became the World". Definitely a cool idea to try.

And also you're putin


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SNES era inspired chippy, samply fun from from Lucca, one of the many alter ego's of the prolific Chilean musician/artist/game dev Marscat!!

This is fun as hell album and I totally recommend it to fans of well crafted bitpop! This album takes a lot of turns, from the challenging "Rad Puriya" which skirts Zan Zan Zawa Veia territory with overtly eastern themes to "Wuvly" which is sweet in a way that will tug at your heart stings and everything in between!


Please take a listen!

My least favourite thing is accidentally putting the GB down too hard and corrupting the song I'm working on.


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nickmaynard wrote:

just want to say that I love the FB01 and I highly recommend it. basically the same chip as a sega genesis!

Programming it is a ballache! I hope Aly James finishes his dedicated control VST soon.


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ilkae wrote:

For Zan-zan-zawa-veia - Mist Slug, I took the five mono channels from the .FTM and ran each of them through a pedal chain approximately five times each, tweaking all of the key parameters live while recording. The differences in each "take" allowed for each part to be doubled up and panned (hard-ish) left/right, resulting in a style of mid/side effect processing.

That's cool. I'd noticed that something interesting was happening in the stereo field on Mist Slug in comparison to Zan's usual Spartan approach to the post tracker mix.

I'd love to hear the stems for that tongue Can I ask what effects you were using, out of curiosity?


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zan zan zawa genre


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cyber chip music

danimal cannon wrote:

I singlehandedly changed the game of inputting notes into a sequencer

I think you have a better claim than most.

Jotie wrote:

Aw too bad, did he discover a 'new' way of modding without knowing others who had already done it? That's still really cool imo.

Yeah, unfortunately coming in with the idea that you're a trail blazer rather than "Hey, has anyone done this before?" tends to come off pretty badly. I remember throwing myself out of bed to make notes when I realised you could do true stereo on LSDJ. Of course people had done it before, but it's cool to come up with something yourself.

@An0va, I really appreciate you helping out man. Your tunes are awesome. I'm watching the vid now, it's pretty informative. I forget how small the chip world is!  Gonna sit down and practice.