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That's totally fair yoyz. Likewise, I'm quite unproductive in nanoloop, while others excell at it.

For me, this thing is friction-less,and it's pretty rad.

As for comparisons, I would say this is a cross between Korg Gadget, and LGPT. So if you like those, I figure, you'all like this.


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yoyz2k wrote:

Hey ! This is a cool tune !
I like to see soft like this on ios smile
Unfortunately, the tracker like interface for a mobile device is not my taste...
Too difficult for me, i had problem with sunvox interface...
nanoloop, nanostudio, caustic are easier for me.
I'd like to see one day a pixitracker like interface with PLock smile

I was very sensitive to this possible reaction. You don't have to know anything to use this. It's self-documenting, and "on rails." You can't enter a wrong number, because you enter numbers with sliders and buttons. You don't have to know hexadecimal. But anyway, just wait and see.

Beware wrote:

Please give this proper MIDI support! I've been dying for a proper USB-MIDI tracker so I can hang up the USB-Boy.

Version 1.0 may not have midi. But it will at some point. Yeah , like a midi channel on each instrument, and velocity controlled by the volume parameter. That would be nice.


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Thanks fellas! There's a few parts I didn't show, because they aren't fully finished. Not 100% on the tile colors. It's close though. Here's the pattern editor. (in blue)


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Would that it could be... I'm afraid not ATM. But it's totally possible to port it. It's simply a matter of re writing the crAzy UI code. Or converting it somehow. Yeah it's iOS.


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Thanks Sonicbeat! Yeah 8gb, come bacvk!


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Ok, i got smart and looked up the track llist:

01 - ADR Design - Drop The Bass II
02 - Biglupu - Plastik Buttons
03 - Kure - The Funky 303 Drive
04 - Plauze - Acid Fever
05 - Kure - Ultraviolent Dreams
06 - Slice - AMG-303
07 - Substance - 101-versus-909
08 - Noisy Abdul - Drunk House
09 - Marc - Acid Attack
10 - Spot - Break the Box
11 - Substance - Rhythm of Acid
12 - Substance - TB303 Funks Up TR808
13 - Juice - Scenewars

Here's another banger from "Noisy Abdul":



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Yes! You've got to figure there's some of it out there...but where? And who? And whom?


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Yeah, 8gb is the shit. This mix was really exceptional though.


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Hey, do you guys have any...uh... You holding? Is uh... You William? William Holdin?


(sorry, this is a request for Amiga acid house)

herr_prof wrote:

People are people
So why should it be?
Chiptune music, is almost always in c.

We're different OSes and were different speeds,
and different trackers have different needs.

Tumult wrote:

I would say the Atom Heart (Atom™) of Chipmusic - i.e. much more talented / prolific / interesting / well rounded than an  Aphex Twin comparison smile

In terms of music, I'd say 4mat is closer to Aphex, really. I don't know if he " the aphex" twin of chipsongs, but, they do sound a bit similar.


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I follow him on twitter. I bet he would be okay with it... it's an homage, clearly.

And I mean, all she really did was violate some silly 200 year old copyright law. =P


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kometbomb wrote:

The whole thing is 100 % written from scratch with SDL. The UI troubles are not technical but more about finding out which key is available to everyone (e.g. is there a F12 key on the keyboard, should CTRL-C be actually CMD-C on Macs etc.). Oldschool trackers are maybe the most tactile software ever written and basically utilize the keyboard as well as it's possible - it's a bit of a challenge to make that work on touch screens unless you somehow find a very different way to track.

Yes that is a very daunting problem, but potentially a big accomplishment if you did even an ok job at it. Having Such portability as you do is a huge bonus in many ways. But yeah, the draw back is you have to imagine a bunch of compatible UI paradigms.

the thing that I loved about keyboard tracking was that it was so fast, and gave me a really fast listen->modify->repeat cycle. As long as you can do those somehow, I think it would be successful.