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Anything you need please don't hesitate to ask. The community needs to cover options smile


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Teensyduino is the way to go in my opinion (teensy is MIDI ready). I use HIDUINO to make Midi controlers but in this case you got to change the code and the schematic for the arduinoboy. Doesn't look that difficult. Actually (wild guessing) you can upload the teensy sketch file on a UNO and change the bootloader to HIDUINO and it should work -don't quote me on this-. (You gotta check the in/outs since they are similar boards but not identical).

Cheap arduino clones don't always have the pins for the dfu programming. (that is, the easiest way to program the bootloader for "out of the box" MIDI). Check that before you buy it.

You can enter in dfu mode to change the bootloader for use hiduino. (I know by experience that uno board works great!)

I guess that you can figure out which parts of the circuits you won't need anymore.


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this is amazing. Just what I need to listen. Pulselooper forever heart


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Just use a good emulator (KGB, BGB, gambatte, they all sound pretty decent) and open your  SAVS there. You can export your audio files even on separate channels for mixing.

Good luck!

Been pretty inactive for a while, but here's a new cool track that I've made:


My father once told me: "Don't make music. Be the music."

My wild guess with such giant words, is to just be happy with your own process, and develop yourself not just the music itself.

So love any sound you make (I invest a lot of time making the right sounds).

Introduce your personality (Your own tastes, even non-musical ones, your own ideas.)

An artist somehow is prism of what he senses. Good artists work a lot on their own stuff. (I mean the whole life aspects).

Don't be afraid to be you, the stylistic aspects of the music should be in a great part, yourself.

You have to persevere, since almost all of the people just can't stand the frustration of the first stages in the creative process. At first, of course you'll think that perhaps  you are unoriginal and plain. Don't hesitate. Just copy everything and make it yours.

And in the long run, you'll notice that you eventually get better if you are happy with the overall situation.

The key is to not compare yourself. Just be you and be unique.

well, the title says it pretty much. I was about to downgrade 2.7.x cart back to 2.5 (Because all my previous songs sound pretty different and I want to record them). But I'm guessing that the waveforms are not overwritten and it will be 2.5 with 2.7.x waveforms? Anyone have tried getting back to previous nanoloop version and obtained good'ol sounds?

Thanks in advance.

my nanoloop 2.7.X is not saving songs at all when I import them using the USb thing (but it exports them to PC)

I'm guessing a 2.7.X malfunction? sad

Yo guys, will this work on a Classic GBA?

Thanks in advance for your answer smile


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I must say that 2.7.1 is clicky as hell sad. The same pattern played various times get different sounding,... is this a feature or a bug wink

Just practice. A lot.

Use all your avaliable time on it. You'll see results.

And never quit.


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I'm using bitwig now, runs great on linux. It reminds me of ableton live. Is a pretty great DAW.


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You can use bitwig on it. And renoise. And of course LGPT.

There is a version of famitracker that works quite decent with WINE.

Once you set up the audio, it's all good.

Submission sent.

Thanks both of you for your response smile

I'll try to do it, first I'll run the binary that nick posted there.

Then I'll try to build and come back with any comments (i'll follow that github comments)


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Anyone got any luck with compiling this for use on mac Os ?