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hi all,
been digging deep into some new equipment last few years and have some vinyl releases due out this year as a result. the first is a collaboration between myself and one of my favorite nashville  bands. we each covered a song of the other's. I wrote the score for my cover in midi and then a producer friend sent the info to a bunch of synths. this particular single doesn't feature my typical chiptune equipment of dmg or midines but is still relevant as my track they covered, tethers, was written in nanoloop. if you want a vinyl, hit me up and I'll get one to ya or order through the band camp. more to follow!

https://transmissioncontrolrecords.band … re-mirrors


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I'd be up for some Nikolai Tesla style wireless powered devices, wifi midi.etc. no more tangled cords sounds like the future to me.

pselodux wrote:

I have a QY70 and it's great. The onboard filters and effects are surprisingly good, especially the reverb.

I'm considering getting a PMA-5 as well:

I don't use the sequencer on the QY70 (it's dedicated to a band I'm in where it's basically used just as a sound module for the keyboard player) but I think the PMA-5's sequencer looks slightly easier to use, especially with the touch screen.. plus it has that awesome Roland power drum kit!

I second the awesoness of the qy70. I've been using mine for a few years as a sound module. The drums are surprisingly good. the memory is too small to do much more than 1/2 hour worth of material  before filling up the unit and bulk dumps or inputs are really difficult to do. however, some of the preset phrases are useful for inspiration  if you warp them.


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yess!!! love it!


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b4by f4c3 wrote:

I REALLY like "The Conlanger's Guide to Pentatonic Composition" Ben, I loop it still every week.
GREAT album right there!

awe thanks for the compliment. looking forward to LSA holmes. my set then will be my contribution to an awesome up coming split. wink


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these are both 1.5 and 1.6


https://lostbardrecordings.bandcamp.com … omposition

hi all!

I'm cold rockin it in music city this Saturday night. this is a line up I'm especially proud to be a part of as it includes the maiden voyage of a new act, merge artist HeCTA. Remember the mid 90's when every genre had an Alt sub genre? legendary nashville band lambchop was one of the first and best alt country acts. the band has shape shifted through numerous lineups and sounds over the last two decades with Kurt wagner's plaintive baritone and cutting lyrics remaining constant. HeCTA is the natural progression of lambchop's sonic journey from the  elegant countrypolitan of Nixon to the abstract electronic soundscapes of later albums like Mr. M. HeCTA features Wagner over dense soundscapes conjured by Ryan Norris (coupler) and Scott Martin (hobbledeions), and new comer Rodrigo Avendano, three of music cities most talented and forward thinking musicians. if the live show is anything like the recordings, this will be a magjestic display of organic and electronic approaches. Also on the bill is Future Daze delivering gorgeous psyche rock in the vein of the great kraut rock acts. I will be opening and wiz kids from local heroes Jeff the brotherhood and the features will be djing in between sets. this is going to be an epic night


Future Daze

sugar sk*-*lls

https://lostbardrecordings.bandcamp.com … omposition


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e.s.c. wrote:

weird suggestion: when powering on your devices, what order do you use? i remember getting issues with midines functionality if i had the midi connected to anything while i powered things up, so i started powering my nes on first (with the midi cable not connected to anything), then all my other devices and then connecting the midi cable as my final step of setting things up. i think many midi devices tend to send a little bit of junk data over midi when they are being powered on, which the midines sometimes reacts poorly to

Yeah this is definitely true. Sometimes I've found I need to hook it up to a regular midi controller first and then up to my iOS dock to get it to work.


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Does it need to be a previously unreleased track?


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herr_prof wrote:

Ill hint even more strongly: a superior midi controlled 2a03 product is just around the corner.


Do hint more please sir


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Bumpity bump for proper notice. Tomorrow night! The local altweekly even had some nice things to say:

http://www.nashvillescene.com/nashville … id=5085327



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Hi fellow southern north american peeps.

I'm cold kickin it with two bad ass electronic superstars June 3rd at the stone fox, nashvile,tn.

The gents of note are hobbledeions and coupler.

I've mentioned 'deions a few times. A one man wrecking crew. Here's a sample of his latest
https://m.soundcloud.com/hobbledeions/t … udstep-mix

Coupler is a three peice analog behemoth. Fans of cluster, kraftwerk, etc. will find much to love in this group: http://www.couplermusic.com

Maybe you know me, maybe you don't. here's my last dmg release
https://lostbardrecordings.bandcamp.com … omposition

9pm ish.



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donotrunwithpixels wrote:
Evil Scientist wrote:

Personally I think it'd be better to have a campaign encouraging people to go to record stores more often than once a year.

Oh, I don't "hate on" RSD, I have quite a few of their releases. Last year's Bonobo record gets a good outing at least once a month, and Damon Albarn's 7", Oh and the Broken Bells EP they did... Anyhow, a lot of great releases. I guess my biggest problem, apart from those mentioned by the Right Honorable Lord Thomas of Creep above, is the fetishising of the release over the music.

I think my views are most alligned to those of Peter Kirn off of CDM: http://createdigitalmusic.com/2015/04/l … l-digital/

There are some valid points in that article. There is a running joke among some  friends of mine that have been long time employees at one of the record stores here about people buying up limited edition releases by a certain label in town immediately, only to flip them on eBay for ten times the price, which is b.s. I do think the author is over estimating the appeal of special edition releases for RSD.  The bargain bins get picked over way more than the crazy deluxe whatever. Also, I'm not sure I follow the logic that a big sale day discourages repeated visits. Some hard numbers might help clarify that claim.

The bottle neck thing is the biggest issue especially for small touring bands or artists. The return on vinyl is only slightly less than cassette. That means a band might have only a handful of people at a show and crummy door, but can make a decent take selling 4-5 records. The wait to press vinyl has gone from 6-8 weeks to 6-8 months here. That's a long time for an independent touring artist.


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Why hate on record store day? It's for solidarity among  independent record store owners. RSD is a pretty big, fun thing at least here in nashville. Calling the vinyl resurgence over hyped is well hyperbole-I'm personally glad I can get say broadcast reissues on vinyl, though it's doubtful I'll buy a 40.00 copy of a led Zeppelin 2 reissue.

Aside from that, I think net label day is a great idea.

"undermine the fundamental copyright principles on which our copyright laws are based"

That's the problem. Copyright law is more of a profit protection mechanism than a bastion of creative integrity. Sheesh


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Noted. I will be sure to post sooner. Another good one is coming up early June. There was actually  a decent crowd for a Sunday night. Cheers!