Micropalooza XIV: Live Chiptune Showcase · Sunday 11/26 · 7pm · $5 · 21+

In its 14th year of life, Micropalooza remains the country's longest running chiptune showcase.

How cool is that?

The lineup:

Tonight We Launch - https://tonightwelaunch.bandcamp.com/

Czoft - https://catskullrecords.bandcamp.com/album/stratocracy

8bit0 - https://8b0rocks.bandcamp.com/

GLOOMS - https://soundcloud.com/glooms

Mechlo - https://mechlo.bandcamp.com/

Micropalooza Sampler - https://micropalooza.bandcamp.com/


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Such a killer release. Awesome rep for the PDX scene.


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Yo! I am the main organizer for Dataport! Shoot us a message on FB or Twitter and we'll let you know what is in the pipeline.

Also, Spacetown is right. Tonight We Launch is some of the best stuff we got going. Super rad dude too.


Here's mine:


Plain Flavored is fantastic as well.


There is also Greightbit, Temple Maps, Spamtron, Operation Mission (retired).

Is 486kid still out here? I know he used to live on a bus traveling around.


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Aw, snap. I was gonna post this.

Beat me to it big_smile

Suuuuuper stoked.

This week! We are going to get some shirts printed, sound up and running... can't stop this hype train!

Rumor has it that Boa is moving back. So stoked.

Could everyone that posted please shoot me an email with the OP's information. dataportpdx at gmail.

It's a very incomplete list. It's missing at least 3/4 of the active chip artists in Oregon. We need an updated, local, and maintained list.

KGHB wrote:


Don't let him hear you say that.

If there are two in the whole state, I want to know their names, hear their music, and how I can get ahold of them. If you know how to get ahold of any of them, shoot them a link to this thread.

Hey everyone!

Our site http://dataportpdx.com/ is going to be the home of the latest and greatest list of NW chip music artists.

We want to hear from anyone who is making chip music of all kinds in Oregon, Washington, N. Cali, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Hell, We'll even rock it with some of our friends in SW Canada. Love you guys. Also, if you are planning on coming to the NW and want to play a show in Portland or Seattle, let us know as well.

We want to be the hub for shows, booking, release news, contact, networking, and community. Chip music is tough to crack here in the NW but we think that with a good support system, consistent news outlet, open source of communication, and a unified banner we can do some pretty amazing stuff.

I would ask that anyone who wants to be on the Dataport artist list, PM or email (dataportpdx at gmail dot com) us your name, artist name, email, age, location, artist logo or photo, and a link to your music. I will then compile it into a very good looking artist page for anyone looking to book, collaborate, or fan stalking.

Thanks! Let us know if there are any questions what so ever. Hope to hear from a lot of you very soon!


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Awesome! Thanks to everyone who has signed up. I have updated the form. The month is no longer required to submit.


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Damn, this is a killer album. Good work.


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Hey everyone! I am going to start the monthly Portland, OR-based chip show, Dataport again! Our past shows have featured Bit Shifter, Trash 80, Covox, Bud Melvin, Ovenrake, Cheap Dinosaurs, Animal Style, among many others.

I am currently booking for the next several months out. We have put together a Google Form to keep track of everyone who is interested in playing here in Portland. Even if you just want us to know you are out there, this is a great way to go! You can fill out the form here.

Our venue is the Tebbetts Lounge of the Alhambra Theater - http://www.alhambrapdx.com/

If you have any questions/concerns please email us at DataportPDX (at) gmail.com, follow us on twitter @DataportPDX, and like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/DataPortPDX.

I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Updated with a handy-dandy schedule so you know what is up when it's up.

@Bryface - we are also doing an open mic if you'd like to sign up. Open mic attendees get free admission.

Open Mic signup - bit.ly/openchip

Ditch work. They don't care about you like we do.