thanx for leaving me credit in the image ;D

cool project!

this is awesome. super chill. thanx!

lsdj + pounder

an interface where you create instruments/sounds (lsdj) and then map them to button presses (pounder).
the user can select which button(s) play said sounds. it would be cool to support multi press as well
(e.g. A is a sound but A+DOWN is another sound).

in my personal thriftstore/ebay quests i have found:

grey, black, red, green = all seems pretty easy to find
clear, yellow = are more difficult to find but not bad
blue, white = rare (or really expensive)

blue + white are all that my collection is missing. i just cant
bring myself to pay the ridiculous ebay prices for them.

Timbob wrote:

I should restart my cart guide again that I made back in the 8bc days...
Here's a mirrored link

ahhhhh nostalgia... ;D


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xombiexplox wrote:

Okay here's the deal; this is my office and my beat laboratory:

sweet converge turn tables!
im going to see them this sunday!


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thanx guys, greatly appreciated.


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Sander von Focus wrote:

I've been using Spreadshirt for some projects. Decent alternatives (for what i understood) are, and what Telerophone said (big cartel).

im with sander, spreadshirt is the way to go.
they have a wide variety of products, printing methods, and ways to set (or not set in my case) commissions.


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Thretris wrote:

Here is tutorial,

here is my frontlit GBC (took about 30 minutes, and cost about 8 bucks)

a friend of mine asked if i would light his GBC,
i head to modretro... and bibin decides to remove his guide tongue
alternative link?

i just take screen shots in an emulator an blow them up in photoshop. when you resize, just make sure your doing it in even precentages (e.g. 200%, 300%, etc) and select "Nearest Neighbor" to preserve hard edges, othewise it will blur the image.

this sounds amazing!


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joythief wrote:



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that sounds like pressure on the screen.
liquid crystal does that when there's something pushing on it.
try taking out the foam padding behind the screen.

nanoloop manual wrote:

Nanoloop 1.3 is a stepsequencer, which means that a loop of 16 1/16 notes is played repeatedly while these notes can be edited in various respects like volume, pitch, etc. There are four channels, playing simultaneously.

just because the interface is a 4*4 matrix doesn't mean your music has to be 4/4

mixtape III is epic!
keep it coming!

shitbird wrote:

listen again,and again, and again, ..nothing i don't dig on this.

in total agreement!


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that's awesome CS!
and thanx for introducing me to Touch Designer.
i will be playing with that soon! i was very inspired
when i saw this post on their blog (see video)