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the sk1 is awesome! such a great sound!
there's lots to "tasty bends" in there too.
lots of people have make bending guides,
but i really like the tablebeast one:

caspertronics has some really inspiring case mods
and bending info for the sk1 here:
http://casperelectronics.com/finished-p … sper-sk-1/

and there's lots of good stuff on the yahoo! sk-1 group
(make sure you checkout out the high-pass filter mod!)


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kitsch wrote:

i like your blueprints.

good luck with this!

it's always good to have plots and plans


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im loving the flash!
my brain kinda hurts now... but super cool!

Jake Allison wrote:


i never got a reply from oliver...

Xylo wrote:
akira^8GB wrote:

I always thought the scene was pretty open even though it doesn't look like from outside. Demoparties were and are the main places to learn how stuff is done by the masters themselves. You'd be surprised of how much you can learn at one.

Also, for these guys, back then, with a monitor cartridge, any demo was "open" wink
I guess the only difference now is that with the internet anyone can get the source, not just demoscene people.

Plus Git(hub) is a very awesome way to share projects, source and code in a branche/fork kind of way which makes the structure a lot more comprehensible. ^^

agree. GIT is amazing ;D
i was gonna say pouet has been around for a while.
lots of my friends just give their code away to anyone who wants it after the party.

preordered! keff the design is sick!

kitsch wrote:

... buyfromtaobao ...

i searched LSDJ...

...and found these AMAZING embroidered patches!!!
kitsch, i found the new hit product for yer shop! lol

no prob. enjoy!


A M A Z I N G !

do a run on a black shirt and i totally in.
but i might be in anyways...


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more on my tumblr

bryface wrote:

my hoodie came in today!  the fabric and print colours are amazing, and it fits perfectly (though be warned, it may actually be because of my immaculately sculpted physique).

thanks again xero!  hands down one of my favourite apparel grabs this year.

glad yew like it! enjoy!


shanebro wrote:

Got the two I ordered today. They look freakin' sweet. Definitely getting more.

thanx for posting these ;D

kitsch wrote:

my lsdj hoodie arrived today.

black on black, its pretty nice.  very pleased wink  its so soft, and pretty warm for not being really super thick.  surprising, when i first opened it i thought it may breath a little too much.

can you send me / post here some photos?
the hoodie i have isnt one of the LSDJ ones.
but black on black might be hard to capture.

* this applies to anyone. *
post pictures of the merch if you buy some.

Love Through Cannibalism wrote:

^This. To all Spreadshirt shop users: always create a mirror of your shop (USA // Europe) because shipping is the main problem to lots of potential costumers.

sorry i didnt realize this.
i will see what i can do.

i have a few NTRQ hoodies up now and one shirt. im working on some more but  i've been kinda busy. expect more.

i got NTRQ approval from neil this weekend.
so KeFF and i are going to make some NTRQ
merch next. no reply from oliver yet.